• cm

    The cat’s out of the bag now. He sounds no different from Roh Moo Hyun, talking delusional about one sided peace on the peninsula and a balancing act in Asia. If he even bothers to listen to the North Korean defectors, it was the Sunshine Policy which prolonged North Korea’s regime when it was about to collapse under the disastrous famine in the mid 1990’s. Another 5 years of DUP rule will be a disaster for Korea. Here’s hoping these dullards don’t ever come to power again.

  • imememememe

    didn’t know much about the guy but now after reading this piece i am convinced that ahn is unfit to lead korea. what a delusional windbag.

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.launius.3 Michael Launius

    Frankly, much of what he says is gibberish, just streaming contradictory thoughts together to try to satisfice everyone. Korean politics produces very few truly strategic thinkers.

  • Yu Bumsuk

    Well that was profound. Can no politician figure out that withdrawing US troops would remove the biggest obstacle?

  • Yu Bumsuk

    Are all comments now moderated?

  • Q

    ACS is different from other nonsense pro-Nork politicians. No Muhyun days were horrible. I’ve preferred PGH among conservatives, but now I am more leaning toward ACS. He will make a good president who respects common sense and keeps what he has said.

  • KWillets

    Over breakfast I heard a TV crew discussing his book, and “태기바보 같애” was the opening statement.