In case anyone actually gives a shit…

In North Korea, Kim Jong-un has been promoted to “marshal.”

If you were wondering what North Korea’s “major announcement” set for noon was, that was it. Sorry to disappoint.

If you need to attach meaning to this, Aidan Foster-Carter told the WSJ:

“I think the tide has turned,” said Aidan Foster-Carter, a North Korea watcher at Leeds University in England. “Under Kim Jong Il, possibly because his own military credentials weren’t so strong, the military rose significantly. But Kim Jong Eun’s arrival has been managed by the political party.”

Personally, I think this means KJU is really, really good at Call of Duty. Which reminds me, I need to go down to Yongsan and pick up a copy of Spec Ops: The Line, which I’ve read great things about.

  • madar

    Damn, I was betting he was going to be named high grand pooba of the universe next.

  • Dayv Mattt

    BF3 dude….BF3.

  • Sperwer Accipiter

    And Aiden infers this from what evidence by what process of reasoning?

  • Robert Koehler

    Hey, I love BF 3. But man cannot live on BF 3 alone.

  • imememememe

    How many chicks is he banging every week is what I’d like to know.

  • Jeffery Hodges

    Glad the marshal decision has been made — that parade up north needs a marshal.

    Jeffery Hodges

    * * *

  • LazyassBruiser

    Hard-earned money

  • Hamilton

    Military credentials are immaterial. In NK reality is created by master propaganda artists. What version of KIS’s biography are we on now, is it version 55?

    KJU is a military genius of the highest caliber renowned worldwide for his strategic vision. If you don’t believe that then you get too much food and are not part of the UPP or TK’s social group.

  • Josh Perlstein

    I care.

  • KWillets

    He’s nothing without TheKorean’s relatives to democratize the country.

  • jeff.harris

    And his marshal’s baton is made of the

    1) special maple imported from Canada
    2) leather from the tanned hides of his enemies
    3) chipmunks to match his face

  • Bob Bobbs

    Marshal law.

  • Seoul stories

    Look out GOD, someone thinks he is on the same level as you. I seem to recall a German who thought along these very same lines. The whole world suffered then and will surely suffer again. Only this time much worse with nukes…

  • SomeguyinKorea

    Here’s the only Marshall I have any respect for:

  • gumiho

    Can you imagine making someone with no military background at all the leader of that nation’s military? LOL! Wait,what?  Commander in Chief? ….um,nevermind…..

  • Byeonguk Yook

    Our little Hitler.

  • dlbarch

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