Sex, an English Teacher and (Secretly Recorded) Videotape

NoCut News reports that a 30-year-old American teacher at a hagwon attached to a well-known private university in Seoul secretly recorded dozens of films of him having sex with Korean women.

This fiend—well, alleged fiend, identified as Mr. A—teaches English to elementary school and university students while attending the graduate school of said university. During the vacations such as now, he teaches conversational English to students and ordinary folk.

The world learned of the deviancy of this English teacher, who has been in Korea for four years, quite accidentally. The truth was almost buried forever. Or so said NoCutNews.

A female uni student by the name of B, who was friendly with A after meeting him at some gathering, was shocked when, while using A’s notebook computer recently, she found strange videos saved. These videos showed A having sex with women, and judging from the angle and the girls’ faces, it appeared the women didn’t know they were being filmed.

Using A’s social media services, B found one of the women in the videos and let her know about it. Shocked, she said she knew nothing about it.

The girl in the video immediately called A and demanded the video be erased, but she did not call the cops for fear that a) A might release the video out of spite, and b) that a bigger mess might be caused by going to the police.

Ms. B, who found the video, could not keep quiet as she felt betrayed by A.

Mr. A, whom she met at an association of like-minded persons, was popular with the group members thanks to his personality and interpersonal skills and had a good reputation. This is because on the outside he seemed a solid man, teaching students English as he attended graduate school.

B said she was shocked by the videos, as she could not believe A would do such a thing with his upright image.

B said she found about 20 videos on his computer; several women appeared in them. She said it seems most of the women in the videos still don’t know such recordings exist.

B said when she asked A about this, he said the women all know about the recordings. When she continued to press the issue, however, he admitted he recorded them secretly.

B thought there must be many victims, but it would be impossible to find and contact them all. Moreover, when she went to the cyber cops, they told her that it would be difficult for her to make a complaint as she was not in any of the videos.

So B went to CBS NoCutNews out of fear that should the matter be swept under the rug, there would be more victims.

Under current law, recording another person’s body in a way that could cause sexual desire or shame against their will is a punishable offense. Secretly recording sex is also not an offense subject to complaint, so police could recognize his crime even without a complaint from one of the victims.

Yu I Hwa-yeong, the director of the sexual violence center of Korea Women’s Hotline, said even if a foreigner commits a crime, it’s hard to process the case due to poor communication, and if the assailant flees the country, it’s often difficult to punish him.

She also said because of society’s twisted view that a women became the victim of a crime because she dated a foreigner, victimized women hesitate to make complaints, and this also makes punishing foreign criminals difficult.

Meanwhile, A reportedly will return to the United States in early August when his classes finish.

  • madar

    Shocking news, university student involved in sex and assinine stunts.  Oh the humanity.

  • iwshim

    Meanwhile, A reportedly will return to the United States in early August when his classes finish.”

    hey – at least the guy is responsible enough to finish his classes.

    University is out – he must teaching the elementary students.

  • ZenKimchi

    I wish I could write that much content based on one third party source.

  • ZenKimchi

    And this is a fun related listen.

  • Bunnios Au

    With any luck those girls will have some decent male friends who will beat the crap out of him before he returns to the good ole USA

  • WMunny

    Nah, because then they’d have to admit that they banged a foreigner.

  • Byeonguk Yook

    Shocking I say! Obviously the guy is counting on whatever happens in Korea stays in Korea. 

  • F5Waeg

    Surprised any one believes any of that tripe. 

  • Jmap

    Is this important? How about the wave of mortgage or loan default that is building up in the ROK?

  • Robert Koehler

    Is it important? No. But I find it amusing.

  • Robert Koehler

    Truly the sign of a seasoned journalist.

  • Robert Koehler

    You’d be surprised how many of those there are. Or not.

  • imememememe

    It’s not important until some of these videos become available online. Then it becomes super important. Although Robert won’t allow anyone to post links … Fascist!

  • Seanef

    This sort of behaviour happens all the time. I knew a camera man at a tv station I worked in 10 years ago that would get condoms from his closet when ‘ready’ and leave it open a crack while turning the camera on. Next day at work, would show all the other camera men / editors – lucky for us he didn’t get laid that often. Now that everyone has a camera, I bet loads of dudes do this. Only thing is….doing it digital more chance of getting caught out, exposed online and if you are a foreigner in Korea god help you!
    To Ms  ‘B’ , those popular boys, with good interpersonal skills are MORE likely to be the players.

  • ★★ Public Schools★★

    Miss B is just jealous – she thought she was his “only girl” – retard!

  • Josh Perlstein

    I need proof.

    edit: wtf we are on disqus now?

  • WMunny

    Don’t worry, you’re still #1 :)

  • MoineauRouge

    If any of this is true, “A” is a douchebag but that is all. He (seemingly) did not release anything to the public. Well, he is also an idiot for letting someone use his notebook.

    But I think we should tar-and-feather and string up “B” to a post in the market square for being a nosy c*nt who clearly went snooping through his computer.

  • Seanef

    Ahh…the snoop, yes I’ve had that before, luckily nothing too incriminating, had to delete some old old pics of an ex. She lost more face admitting to prowling through old files on my pc.

  • Byeonguk Yook

    I am really shocked by his stupidity as well. I mean letting one of them use his laptop with video clips still in it. Sheeesh! This guy clearly not cutout for life of a casanova. 

  • Burt

     Yes, I think B is short for “Bitch B. Crazy”.

  • Railwaycharm

    English teacher= The lowest form of waygook in Korea.

  • bulgasari

    Just for fun, NoCut News has done two follow-up reports announcing that police are now investigating and that the teacher in question has been booted from the classroom.


  • Juregen

    no one has a problem with this woman invading the privacy of a person?

  • Jake

    ‘Chicks dig jerks’ – Bill Maher.

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  • Hung Far Low

    Is there any reason to believe that these were “working girls”? Those types of encounters are frequently videoed, according to my sources. If we’re going to attack the morality of white men who engage the services of these women, then we should also be attacking the overwhelming majority of the Korean male patrons of such services as well.

  • Sam

    Is this important? No.

    Does the: immediate insinuation of a hoax/setup/excusing of this unethical behavior/predictable attack on Miss B and Korea in general; from the waegoogin frat rat crowd make them look like a bunch of asshat jerks to Koreans, yet again? Yeah.