Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State and—if the Republic Party keeps picking ’em like they are, POTUS five years from now—reportedly said the term “enforced sex slaves” should be used instead of “comfort women.”

Anyway, Ye Olde Chosun, quoting a diplomatic source in Seoul, reported that Clinton was receiving recently a report on the history of Korea—Japan relations from a high-ranking State Department official. When the official used the term “comfort women,” Clinton said the term “comfort women” was mistaken, and that they were “enforced sex slaves.” The official then completed his or her report using the term “sex slaves” instead of comfort women.

The Chosun notes that the United States has avoided getting involved in historical issues between its two Asian allies, but while the comments were made behind closed doors, Clinton’s comments are a seeming critique of the Japanese government’s attitude in regards to Japanese wartime sex slave issue.

Marmot’s Note: Calm down, Gerry. Everything’s going to be OK. And besides, we don’t even know if she really said it.