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Like ‘dem jugs, Rep. Han?

In Twitterland, somebody has posted old photographs of Saenuri Party lawmaker Han Sun-kyu enjoying some racy photographs with his fellow lawmakers at the National Assembly.

Your tax money at work, folks.

Now, what makes this funny is Han recently sponsored legislation to amend the nation’s communication laws to make it mandatory for smart phones and tablets to come equipped with ways to protect minors from porn. Indeed, smartphone porn has been a concern of Han’s for some time:

“The Korea Communication Standards Commission (KOCSC) has recently decided to tighten applications on App Store and other online open application markets, believing there is too much sex-related material. But it is not certain that the commission will be able to apply local regulations to foreign companies,” the lawmaker said.

Han said rules have become toothless as applications slip through censors and smartphone users gain access to globally-consistent online content platforms. “In order to force foreign companies to properly screen sexually-suggestive materials, there should be an international regulatory regime controlling the open online application markets.”

Jeez, as if it weren’t bad enough that the government now blocks sites like Youporn. Or so my friends tell me.

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  • Hamilton

    Maybe he was doing research. You know, just like every sexual predator says they were just doing research when police find child porn on their computers. Speaking of which, I haven’t seen CT commenting lately, busy at work or something else.

  • http://gumi-teacher.blogspot.com/ Gumi_teacher

    Tubekitty.com still works!

  • Arghaeri

    Couldn’t they show a better picture if the lovely Jeanette Lee.