The government wants to go ahead and sell Incheon Airport

This has been the top news in the Korean portals for a few days now, and at the top of Korean anger (the same thing ^^). The government is planning to go ahead against many many protests with (under)selling the airport.

민주당 인천시당도 이날 오후 보도자료를 내 “인천공항을 매각하겠다는 ‘공공기관 선진화’ 타령이 다시 살아나고 있다”며 “도대체가 궁금하다. 멀쩡한 인천공항을 팔아서 무엇을 하려는지 알 길이 없다. MB정권의 그 의도를 짐작할 수조차 없다”고 비난했다.

Minju Incheon Mayor says he cannot even “fathom” the thought process behind the MB government, can anyone?

인천시는 이어 민영화 이후 시설 투자 부족으로 침체된 런던 히드로 공항을 사례로 들며 민영화를 비판했다. 인천공항이 수익시설이 아니라 국가기반시설로 민간에 매각할 경우 수익 논리에 밀려 정상적인 투자가 이뤄지지 못해 동북아 허브공항으로 커나가는 데 지장이 있을 수 있다는 것이다. 또 매각 방법ㆍ시기ㆍ가격 등에 대해 국민적 합의가 이뤄지지 않은 점도 반대 이유로 거론했다

Also, in the same article Heathrow was given as an example of airport privatization gone bad. Was it a good airport before the privatization?

I cannot see any reports in English to link to, except all the old stuff. It has been in the pipeline for a few years but the main news is that the government is just going to bulldoze it (this is quite popular) through. What reason is there to sell/ruin a good thing?
The Korean protesters are calling for the Blue House to be privatized ^^

P.S. I found the government (MOF)’s answer on one of the daum agora sites. I like some of the witty comments which follow :

기획재정부..도대체 뭐하는 곳이지? 이런식으로 여론몰이 한다고 사람들이 믿을 것 같냐??? 말이 되는 소리를 해야 사람들이 믿어주지…여론몰이 하지말고 실제적으로 다른 공항은 어떻게 되었는지 선례를 정확하게 이야기 해라….다른데는 이렇게 하더라…여기서 그치는게 아니라 이렇게 했더니 이렇게 되더라 이렇게 이야기를 해야지…이거는 뭐..무대뽀도 이런 무대뽀가 없다…무식하면 용감하다더니 딱 그꼴이네..
ignorance breeds the brave ^^.


추천 236은 알바인가? 아니면 기획 재정부 공무원 숫자인가
236 likes – are they albas? or the number of civil servants in the MOF?

  • Lliane

    Well it’s world’s best airport so no wonder every one wants their chunk

  • Creo69

    “Ring, Ring … Ring, Ring” … “Hello, Lone Star”

  • YangachiBastardo

    Well as long as it doesn’t turn into another BAA/Heathrow fiasco

  • cm

    I might want to add, the privatization scheme first began during the Kim and Roh eras, and the opposition to it only came when Lee administration tried to get it going. The example of Heathrow is just one bad example. There are other successful privatizations in Frankfurt, Zurich, and Charles DeGull. Everywhere in the world, airports are being privatized, including Beijing which is 43% owned by foreign stocks. Just because it’s going to be privatized doesn’t mean it’s going to be badly run, just like POSCO and Samsung which are half owned by foreign stocks. Korean government wants private funds to bring in investments to Korea, and they want to sell something which is highly marketable and attractive to the investors.

  • Q

    Many Koreans suspect 2Mb cheating on Koreans with this deal. I’d hope post-presidential hearings would reveal what 2Mb has been hiding, from BBK to selling off Inchon Airport. I’d also hope suspicions of other ex-presidents (NMH, KDJ) could be further investigated. That would contribute to the improvement of Korean politics. Personally, either Park KH or Ahn CS could make a good president. They seem most sensible and trustable politicians in Korea.

  • iMe

    charles de gaulle airport? surely you jest…

  • Railwaycharm

    Charles de Gaulle is a fucking disaster!

  • Baek-du boy

    Australian Airports (Sydney and Melbourne at least) are privatised.
    Parking, transport, taxis everything has to pay to use the airport. A train ride one stop before airport can be $4 get off at the airport $16. Parking ‘police’ make picks expensive. Don’t even think about leaving your car in the long term car park for a while on a week/end away.

    Invest managers will ensure they get their regular divs or will sell out.

    If Incheon is privatised, expect users to stat pay a lot more! If not directly..then indirectly.

  • SomeguyinKorea


    Roh spent a fortune in public funds on the development of “affordable housing” in Bundang. How did that turn out?

  • SomeguyinKorea


    I’ve flown through there several times. It wasn’t a disaster, although the flight scheduling sucked. Waiting 12 hours for a connecting flight? Completely mental.

  • Year of the Dragon

    Lee figures that the North will one day bomb the shit out of it – so might as well sell it whilst it’s still in one piece.

    I could see the Japanese buying it.

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