Well, look who are playing together all nice today:

The full-resolution shot can be found at the US Navy’s website here.

Anyway, from TIME:

For the first time ever, warships from the United States and its two closest Asian allies have come together in a joint military training exercise. But if the Americans can just keep the South Koreans and Japanese from shooting at each other, that might be a victory in itself.

The two-day exercise began Thursday in the East China Sea. It includes the USS George Washington aircraft carrier and several escorts, and three ships each from the Republic of Korea Navy and the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force. The goal is to improve communications and the ability to operate together in wartime or contingency operations.

Relations between Japan and South Korea have never been very good, but are at a particular low point now, with lingering disputes over territory and Japan’s wartime legacy.

This is a low point? Clearly, you remember not “diplomatic war” or Japan’s repeated attempts (two of my better posts) to invade Dokdo.

(HT to Charles Reeder)