The Hanguk Ilbo reports that netizens want the Oh Won-chun killing reinvestigated.

In particular, with the court raising the possibility that human meat might be in circulation, the netizens want investigators to look into the possibility that human meat really is circulating. Prosecutors, for their part, have reportedly decided to investigate the possibility of black market sales of human meat in response to popular opinion.

Lots of rumors and “ghost stories” going around, too, including ones regarding cannibalism in China.

One DP lawmaker has even gotten into the mix, calling for a reinvestigation, saying prosecutors needed to reveal where in China the convicted Oh went back and forth from, why he had four cell phones, who he was communicating with and where the money he had came from.

BTW, Oh’s appealing his death sentence.

Among the people calling for a reinvestigation are civic groups dealing with migrant workers and crimes committed by foreigners (more about them later), who held a protest at Seoul Station on Sunday. The head of one anti-foreign crime group said the “Suwon Human Meat Butchering Incident” was the inevitable result brought about by the general failures of policies on foreigners, and called for Oh to be reinvestigated and all illegal immigrants to be rounded up.

He also told the homeless gathered in front of Seoul Station that if it weren’t for the government’s indiscriminate multicultural policies, they (the homeless) would be with their families now, and called for the government to abandon immediately its multicultural policies and adopt policies after gathering the opinions of the people.

Which brings us to the Kyunghyang Shinmun, which in an article entitled “Xenophobic Groups Appear; Might a Korean KKK Appear,” warns that xenophobic groups are engaging in both online and offline actions, citing the protest and groups mentioned above (as well as other groups). While their power is still limited, it is growing. The groups claim the usual stuff—foreigners causing rising crime rate, foreigners bringing Third World diseases, foreigners taking jobs and college position, foreigners depressing wages, etc.

More interestingly, a survey by the Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs (KIHASA) on attitudes regarding foreigners and immigrants revealed that 64% believed if the number of foreign immigrants rises, you’ll have immigrant riots and demonstrations like you see in foreign countries, while 50.3% believed that if the number of foreigners and immigrants increases, it will gradually grow more difficult for Koreans to find work.

Marmot’s Note: Honestly, the groups seem rather small and more inclined to online action. That said, with the number of foreigners and foreign-born on the rise, you can’t expect everybody to like it. As multiculturalism becomes more and more of an issue, I imagine these groups are going to get larger and louder, too.