Too early for a woman president: Lee Jae-oh

Rep. Lee Jae-oh, long-time confidant of President Lee Myung-bak and aspiring presidential candidate for the Saenuri Party, has cited at least one good reason he should get the nod over rival (and likely winner) Park Geun-hye.

Unlike Park, he has a penis.

At a talk at the Seoul Correspondent Club yesterday, Lee said it would be difficult for a women to take leadership solely because she’s a women if she’s not experienced the reality of national division or national defense. Or something like that—it’s an oddly worded comment:

“분단 현실을 체험하지 않고 국방을 경험하지 않은 상태에서 단순히 여성이라는 이유로 리더십을 갖기에는 어려움이 있다”

He suggested Korea might be ready for a woman president after the country is unified and peaceful, but now was too early. North Korea is led by a belligerent and young leader, he said, and South Korea’s reality still demanded leadership with responsibility over national defense.

In case you’re confused, he’s alluding to the fact that in Korea, women are not drafted into the military.

The day before, Gov. Kim Moon-soo attacked Park for being single in a comment I’m still trying to make sense of.

  • SomeguyinKorea

    “In case you’re confused, he’s alluding to the fact that in Korea, women are not drafted into the military.”

    Right, because scrubbing floors and doing the laundry for two years in the military was so much harder than what their mothers had to do.

  • Yu Bum Suk

    If he does get the nomination these kinds of comments could really hurt him with moderate voters aren’t fond of the present left.

  • R. Elgin

    Did this guy actually do his military duty or was he like LMB?

  • Seth Gecko

    LMB was born in Japan, so maybe that’s why he was exempt?
    The Japanese Bulldozer!
    Fuckin’ liar. Changes addresses ON PAPER 14 times so his kids can get an advantage, then expects others to not do the same.
    “2MB” is about right.

  • brier

    Misogynist patriarchs. They are almost lovable. Would be fun to have a drink with these relics, in a funny yesterday kind of way. Maybe out of touch would be more apt, as YBS said. Mr. Lee does realize that women have the right to vote?

  • DLBarch

    Rep Lee is a douchebag. (And I’m no advocate for PGH, that’s for damn sure.)

    I’ll send him a biography of Golda Meir the first chance I get.


  • slim
  • DLBarch

    Moon Chung-in…now there’s a name I haven’t heard since…well, since the inauguration of the 2MB administration.

    I don’t have hard and fast views on the merits or weaknesses of the Sunshine Policy except this: In general, I favor any policy that promotes the “Koreanization” of North-South relations. If the Sunshine Policy is a means for Seoul to take the lead in dealing with Pyeongyang, so be it.

    The problem I see is that the opposite path — a hardline policy toward NoKo — is premised on a security alliance with the U.S. whereby Washington continues to pick up the tab for Korea’s defense, including the presence of ground forces that have long outlived their welcome. If the 2MB/PGH party line were to advocate a hard-line toward the North with the national expenditures necessary to give it bite, then I’d be for that as well.

    As it stands, the 2MB/PGH line is only possible because someone else is paying for it. If it’s truly the right course to take, then let South Korea’s (chicken) hawks pay for it.


  • Granfalloon

    Moon seems to skirt the elephant in the room. If the salient feature of Sunshine Policy was simply using nicer rhetoric with the North, it wouldn’t be so bad. It’s the TRUCKLOADS OF UNCONDITIONAL MONEY FLOWING INTO NORTH KOREA that I have a problem with. And something tells me that without that, North Korea probably won’t be real keen on Sunshine Policy.

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