EADS to offer joint production of Eurofighter?

With bidding set to begin on Korea’s next-generation fighter project, EADS will reportedly offer to jointly produce the Eurofighter with Korea.

Or so reports NoCut News.

Personally, I think it’s going to be one of the two American planes—the F-35 most likely—that’ll get the bid. Not sure if that’s such a good thing in this case, though—the F-35’s problems are well-known at this point, and the F-15 is a bit long in the tooth. I wish there were a way we could sell the ROKAF some F-22s…

  • http://www.xanga.com/wangkon936 WangKon936

    Eurofighter Typhoon. Still a 4.5 gen fighter.

  • http://www.xanga.com/wangkon936 WangKon936

    … and not stealth. Well, not really anyways.

  • http://korealog.tumblr.com delcinabro

    Sell F-22 to ROKAF? To choke all the pilots to death??

  • Hamilton

    #3 delcinabro,

    I understand that glitch was fixed by removing the small fan in the cockpit. Korean pilots should be okay now.

  • http://www.san-shin.org sanshinseon

    hah! :-)

  • PeterDownUnder

    This is a really complicated issue. The Eurofighter with its transfer of technology will be the most beneficial for SKs aviation industry which is a high value added sector that SK really wants to expand in. Specs wise F-35 should be the best but right now its just a paper plane, and who knows what the real issues would be considering the issues arising from F-22s.

    F-22s have never been used in combat, even during the Iraq/Afghan war because a bullet can go through its armour, since it was designed to fight air to air with Soviet fighters at high altitudes beyond visual radar. A waste of billions unless America intends to battle Russia or China anytime soon.

    F-15SE is also just a dream atm. There offer of joint development is just a vealed hedge for development costs.

    Aus Air Power has stated many times that Russian Sukhois are far superior to any modern fighter jets in production. They can even overwhelm F-22s in numbers and within visual range due to their better maneuverability.

    But then there’s the US alliance, where US military equipment purchases are an allies way of indirectly paying for their overall security arrangement.

    But in most probability Sks gonna go with the untested F-35. Chinas developing their own stealth fighter and to top it off Japan just ordered 40. It would be interesting if SK would outdo Japan and get 60 F-35s…

  • virtual wonderer

    i know nothing about military matters so i must ask, is the silent eagle really just a dream fighter? how expensive would it be?

    it looks like south korea have been resisting the f-35 for so long, wouldnt betting at the possible silent eagle be better?

    and another question. could the USAF use something like the silent eagle?
    if silent eagle pans out, it could be another case of the venerable “export only” f-16 making the big leagues.

  • PeterDownUnder

    Silent eagles pretty much a slightly upgraded F-15k with better radar and avionics etc. Its supposed to have partial stealth through its internal bomb bay and V cantered tails as well as stealth painting. But not one has been made yet, and even the V tail might be a no go. Boeing has missed out on all the new jet fighter deals with the F-22 and F-35 going to Lockheed, so their ability to make a stealth fighter is questionable. And the F-15 no matter how suped up was designed in the 60s. The Eurofighter offers a lot more room to improve over the years since its a much newer design. The Silent eagle is offered over 100 mil where as the Euro should be about 80 mil. But these can are just estimates nothing has been finalised.

    The USAF wants nothing to do with the teen generation fighters. F-16,15,18 are all to be replaced by one multirole fighter F-35. But due to delays they are upgrading their existing F-18s and F-15s for longer usage. But as you can see the US is heavily vested in the F-35 project.

    The Silent Eagle is pretty much Boeings last desperate hurrah in the fighter jet game. Countries like Korea and Saudi Arabias got the production lines running still but, no new orders.

    But right now the USAF is in love with drones, and it is likely drones are the way of the future. Fighter drones and bomber drones are on there way, probably already operating. Considering how long the B2 was kept a secret.

    If South Koreas gonna bet on anything it should be the F-35 since so many players have betted on it. For SKs real requirements to replace their aging F4s and 5s Eurofighter is best especially with the tech transfer. But the US alliance and interoperability is a big factor here as well.

    In all without bias. The most cost effective and efficient fighter jets are from Russia. But besides the inoperability with US and Nato forces. Korean pilots would have to learn to read Cyrillic. Chinese jets are cheap and efficient too being copies of Russian jets, but they still cant make their own engines as well as other key components.

    ty men. Massive procrastination whilst studying for tommorows contract final….OTL

  • virtual wonderer

    thanks peter. very informative.

    i guess the one last question would be, could a silent eagle pose any resistence against something like the PAK-FA or the j-20, but i guess thats asking for too much out of an old design…

  • SomeguyinKorea

    The latest technologies in tanks and jets…Sounds to me like someone’s trying really hard to give the impression that South Korea can’t nuke North Korea if it starts shit.

  • PeterDownUnder

    The J-20 like many other Chinese military products are uncertain in their abilities. Even the much praised Chinese air craft carrier…China needs to buy the steel from Ukraine because they can’t make high grade steel able to withstand torpedoes etc. The J20 is apparently designed to be more of a strike fighter or bomber due to its large weapons bay. Its bigger than any fighter out there.

    The PAK Fa on the other hand could be capable or at least is designed to go head to head with the F-22. The Russians can make better jets far more efficiently and cheaper than Americans and have always. America of course is the innovator and the leader in aeronautics. But Russia just sees what works with the Americans and just makes their own with even better innovations. Just compare the development cost between the PAKFA vs the F-22 probably about a 10th or even less.

    But the Pak-FA isn’t designed to infilitrate as much as the intercept. So it relies more on maneuverability to combat the F-22. The Russians know they can’t match the F-22 on stealth, but they can make radars that can neutralise that advantage whilst having the upper hand in closer combat.

    Like i said before, people complain about the F-35, but the Silent Eagle is just once again an imaginary souped up F-15. No matter how much turbo and bodykit you put on a Hyundai its not gonna become a Ferrari.

    In a war with NK, SK doesnt even need stealth, the majority of Pyongyangs air defences are still air guns, very WWII ish. Fighter jets can hit anywhere on NK from the Coast lines alone.

    Alot of SKs military modernisation programs began with Roh Moo Hyun when he shifted the focus to big pictures rather than the traditional target against NK. Thats why we’re seeing the blue water navy and stealth fighter ambitions.

  • http://www.xanga.com/wangkon936 WangKon936

    At the end of the day, when it comes to big purchases like this you go with the products from the country who’s got 28k feet on the ground. Nothing pulls harder than technological, logistical and training interoperability.

  • virtual wonderer

    thanks again peter…