The Chosun continues its war on overseas Korean prostitution with a disturbing tale of sex, hidden cameras and Japanese anti-Korean Wave demonstrators.

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Anyway, last year, 21 videos—apparently under the title, “Sad Situation of the Korean Entertainment World”—got uploaded on a Japanese adult website depicting a Japanese dude in a what appears to be a Japanese hotel having sex with 20 Korean girls (for those doing the math at home, one girl apparently appears in two of the videos).

The guy has his face pixelated, but the girls’ faces can be clearly seem.

One of the girls called a prostitute human rights center and said she wanted to die. She’d gone overseas to, ahem, work, but now had her face all over the Internet because somebody had secretly taped her. Another one of the girls in the videos has also received psychological treatment.

Police in Busan, after watching the videos many times, finally found about one or two seconds of video in which the man’s face isn’t pixelated. Police asked around about him, showing the screen capture to girls who’d gone overseas as prostitutes. The girls said this guy absolutely needed to be captured and punished, and using their network, they began to search for him. Just a day after showing the girls his photo, police learned the man in the videos is a Japanese named “Takahashi.”

Nam Jae-woo, a team head at Busan Police’s international crime investigation division, said when one considers the fact that the victimized women spotted this “Takahashi” douchebag (my word, not the Chosun’s) conducting a one-man “anti-Korean Wave” demonstration in Tokyo, it appears he secretly filmed the videos and uploaded them on the Internet out of anti-Korean sentiment.

Busan police have sent the man’s ID to Japanese police and requested a joint-investigation, but they’ve yet to hear back from Japan.

Police expressed frustration, saying because of the great harm suffered by the Korean girls, they want to know if this Takahashi has been punished, but there has been no communication. They said it’s a problem that when cases of overseas prostitution occur, cooperation with the police of the country in question doesn’t go smoothly.