– The Maeil Gyeongje was quite impressed with North Korea’s handling of its Chinese fishermen problem, by which we mean sending armed soldiers to board the fishing boat, beat the crap out of the crew and lock them in a small storage space for 13 days. Oh, and then ransack their boat.

– A Yonsei university student who defected to the South in 2006 (after three tries) has a word of advice for Southerners enamored with North Korea—you try living there.

– A poll by Korea University’s newspaper of 262 students revealed that 58.8% thought it natural to discrimate against foreign laborers in terms of employment and wages. On the other hand, 82.8% said expanding Korea’s racial, religious and cultural diversity would help national competitiveness, but of that 82.8%, 78.8% said there is a limit to accepting people with different races, religions and cultures.

– Apparently, Warren Buffet’s Iscar Metalworking Companies (IMC) is going to sink a lot of money into reopening Yeongwol’s tungsten mine.

– Another former Juche fan has released an open letter to an unidentified friend of his in the UPP. The letter dealt with a student council debate the writer and the UPP figure had while students at Jeonbuk National University. Let’s just say it’s a bit shocking (if true)—at one point, the would-be UPP kid suggests that not only were political prisons in North Korea natural, but also needed to be built in South Korea after The Revolution ™ came. Anyway, read the letter—it’s quite impassioned, as I take it a lot of these former NLers-turned-North Korea human rights activists are.

– I really feel bad for Lee Mi-sook.

– I really can’t believe “House” is over. Perhaps it will finally hit me in the next couple of days.

– Really enjoying the Galaxy Note. Still looking for suggestions for podcast management apps, though. On suggestions from Facebook and Twitter, I tried Doggcatcher and BeyondPod. Any other suggestions?