– The UPP: the gift that keeps on giving. Now the leader of the 1982 burning of the USIS library in Busan in claiming in an open letter that Kim Jong-heon, another potential UPP proportional rep, really was a Pyongyang-trained North Korean agent.

– The four South Koreans arrested in China for helping North Korean defectors are being charged with violating China’s version of Korea’s National Security Law. Chrickey. And this is probably not these guys’ first experience with such a law—all of them are former Juche-loving “National Liberation” movement-turned-North Korea democracy activists.

Why is Kim Tae-hee wearing makeup in the shower? And what’s a “B-cut”?

– Korean gamers defeated the final boss in Diablo 3 in just six hours, prompting cultural critic Jin Jung-kwon to comment that Koreans are truly a great people.

– The monk who broke the story about his fellow monks drinking, smoking and gambling is now claiming four monks got “full-course” service at a room salon. Who knew the Jogye Order looked like an epsiode of “The Borgias”?

– The Dong-A Ilbo, citing East German documents uncovered by the Woodrow Wilson Center’s North Korea International Documentation Project, reports that in 1975, with Vietnam and Cambodia on the verge of going communist, North Korea asked China for support in invading South Korea. Dicks. China, for its part, shot them down out of concern of harshing detente with the United States. Instead, the Chinese told them to restart dialogue with the South.

UPDATE: See, I told you the whole “monks playing poker” thing wasn’t what it looked like!

In an attempt at damage control, Ven. Jaseung made an appearance on a radio show Wednesday and denied the accusations of prostitution and said that the gambling was merely a “pastime,” just like other games played by the elderly to prevent dementia.