Here is a slide show (Day 1) of their 6 day visit to South Korea, and since I think this is a very good looking couple (he’s my type, and she just looks like a superior version of Foxtons Estate Agent or a young head of Scandinavian Desk of an IB (though she is Tasmanian) – those who’ve ever lived in London will know what I mean – this is the slide show (Day 2) of them at the Global Green Growth Conference (whatever that means, it never fails to be impress me – the zeal of South Korea for hosting numerous (inane?) conferences and getting important keynote speakers, and to sign those MoU’s, is there a filing cabinet for these?).

Here is some accompanying blurb in English.

I must extend sort-of-a-HT to Cactus McHarris because I’d been meaning to write about this but it was his comment about Vestas in the Open Thread which reminded me.

At the moment in I see quite a lot of resistence to wind power, for example:

Germans may love their green energy, but that also have a growing proclivity towards not-in-my-backyard (NIMBY) lawsuits and referenda

from source

I wonder where they are going to erect these windmills in Korea, and also how that fits with LMB’s role as an ambassador/salesman of “atomic energy” – is it “Let’s sell it abroad and buy windmills?”

Incidentally, in visiting the Korean War memorial, I am sure the topic at hand could have been some 9000 Korean adoptees living in Denmark today. I wonder if he said “everybody in Denmark has at least 3 Korean friends” as I was told by a Swedish shop assistant. The confusing fact is that most of them are not really war orphans, but kids adopted 20,30 years ago, all around my age.
Here is an interesting blog link to focusing on the different writings of adoptees in Scandinavian countries.