New York still rules, but Seoul getting up there

The Atlantic takes a look at some of the world’s most economically powerful cities, and while New York City is still the world’s most dominant metropolis, Seoul places in the top 10 in several lists.

Sadly, though, the city places just 20th on The Economist’s Global City Competitiveness Index, behind at least one Third World city (Los Angeles). We also don’t do particularly well in the McKinsey Global Institute’s Global GDP 2025 list, although amazingly, Hwaseong, Asan, Yeosu and Ulsan placed 7th, 8th, 10th and 17th, respectively, in global GDP per capita by 2025. Wow.

  • Sperwer


  • setnaffa

    There are a few nice places in both cities worth another visit… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • R. Elgin

    I only hope that bedbugs stay in NYC.

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  • eujin

    Why does Belfast appear to have the highest GDP per capita in the EU in 2007? Is their methodology reliable or am I just incredibly prejudiced?

    Places like Munich, London and Zurich don’t even catch up with the 2007 wealth in the home of the Titanic’s by 2025. The only other EU city that can hold a flame to Belfast by 2025 is Bratislava, Slovakia. Color me skeptical…

    And why is the GDP per capita of Seoul like a third of Hwaseong’s? Have I not been paying enough attention?

  • Brendon Carr

    With respect to the bedbugs, there is a useful resource for travellers looking to avoid them — I consulted this site before a recent trip to New York and eschewed the conference hotel in favor of a hotel with recent good reports: the Affinia Shelburne Hotel at 37th and Lexington Avenue. As a plus, the Shelburne was $125 a night cheaper, the room was fairly large, and not even a nibble on me while some of my colleagues got “eschewed” by the bedbugs in their five-star rooms.

  • YangachiBastardo

    eujin: yeah these things are completely made up, Slovakia is a competently run country though

  • R. Elgin

    You are my kind of lawyer Brendon.
    I had noticed that site and, yes, I most certainly do consult it because if I can’t shoot it, stab it or step on it, then it is a formidable adversary.

  • cm

    Even to see Seoul and Korea be mentioned in the same breath as some of the world’s greatest cities, is a huge improvement in itself. I remember if you had said in this forum or others, that this day would come someday, you’d be laughed out of town. The pessimism was high on Seoul or any part of Korea for that matter, as a backwater right in center of mediocrity and insignificance. Not that, that’s entirely gone away. I’m guessing part of the reason for the improvement in ranking is due to the problems that Europe is having currently, while the economic winds are blowing favorably towards the East.

  • setnaffa

    cm, and also because Seoul is a safer place to visit and/or do business…

  • dogbertt

    cm, and also because Seoul is a safer place to visit and/or do businessโ€ฆ

    I wonder if you’ve ever lived in NYC.

    Anyway, it’s not such a bad place — it is considering officially honoring comfort women:

  • iMe

    los angeles is most definitely a third world ghetto. the street lights in my ‘hood have been out for a week. when i called the DWP to report/complain, they told me it’d be about three weeks before they can get to’em.


    because *the city of angels* is broke. awwww…so saaad!

    my neighbors and i are pissed obviously. all of us are forced to pay well over five figures in property taxes every year just to prop up their failed public schools and probably the most corrupt police force in the nation and what not. yet we get zero protection nor basic service in a city crawling with burglars and violent criminals as well as spoiled union workers who rarely get anything done but get whatever they want. there is a reason why the entire state of california is fucked and it’s because the state’s been run to the ground by a bunch of brainwashed liberals who thought they could just steal and spend to prosperity forever and ever.

    i always tell my kids, “watch and learn, kids. this is how you can go from rich to homeless.” thankfully, they understand exactly what i’m talking about and this street lights incident is really driving the point home especially for my oldest.