I generally have nothing but the greatest praise for Seoul’s subway system.  It is extensive, cheap and, until quite recently, sane when compared to many other countries’ subways – but what the hell is happening this year?

Once again we have another incident – this one not involving beer or cigarettes but human excretement.

Koreabang did a piece a couple of days ago about this poo-poo girl who allegedly (a picture is worth a 1,000 words – and it is there) defecated in the middle of a subway car on the Pundang line – seems everything happens on that line.  Koreabang  translated some of the Korean comments circulating on the net – one of my favorites was:

Damn, it is like a competition of crazy bitches on each line of the subway. What are you guys doing on the subway!? Is this the mainland [referring to China] or the Korean Peninsula?!

Apparently the woman was mentally challenged – you would have to be to defecate in a subway car in front of people, wouldn’t you?

Korea Times also has a piece on the subject but its angle is more along the line of chastising the bloggers.