• RolyPoly

    All I remeber is that news media tried to pin the whole thing on the KA- Black hatred.

    I mean everyone knows it is about Black-White hatred and uncontrollable mob reaction.

    But, all news media in America tried to “scapegoat” KoreanAmerican merchants. The poorest of the poor.

    Then, they call it “reporting the truth”.

  • RolyPoly

    Many Korean merchants in Korea town had no insurance. They were too poor to afford it. They were barely making it month-to-month.

    And, they lost all in the riot. The man-made incident caused by American justice system.

    Adding insult to injury, the news media put it all on KoreanAmericans.

    What a convenient excuse!

  • enomoseki

    No wonder koreans are paranoid when it comes to anything black.

  • Yu Bum Suk


    The LAT has an interesting collection of photographs. What strikes me is how ugly even the parts of the city that aren’t burnt or looted look.

  • hardyandtiny

    Marion Barry? D.C.’s a shit hole – bunch of pockets with a chip on their shoulder.

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  • iMe

    though i wasn’t here back in ’92, i’m not surprised that something so ugly and atrocious broke out here. this is a city full of pent-up thugs and wanna-be-thugs who are always looking for an excuse to loot & riot. the lakers won? let’s burn the city down! the clippers are winning? let’s get ready to burn the city down! a black teen was gunned down in florida while wearing a hoody? let’s have a million hoodies march in downtown and hope for a riot to break out!

    it’d be hilarious if these losers actually had to work and pay taxes. but they won’t because we have these socialist bureaucrats in office who loot the productive segment of the population on their behalf. what a cesspool…

  • JG29A

    IMHO the inclination to view every aspect of the riots in terms of specific racial hostilities masks an even more painful truth:

    We humans, all of us, are in our natural state nasty little balls of shortsighted greed and fear and rage, such that once Leviathan no longer commands respect, life quickly reverts to “nasty, brutish and short”.