15 minute roundup of stuff I found on the ‘Net

1) You know, comparing a bus load of prostitutes to the comfort women is just not a smart—or nice—thing to do.

2) You’ve been wondering why all those North Korean female soldiers look so well-fed? Well, a North Korean defector newspaper suggests it could be due to a dietary deficiency. Namely, they’re eating a lot of salt.

3) While we’re on the topic, I liked Yoon Eun-hye better when she was fatter.

4) The Hani is blaming the high interest earnings made by Macquarie Korea Infrastructure Fund for the deficits suffered by Seoul Subway Line 9, which may soon raise fares. In fact, they don’t really like any of Macquarie’s infrastructural investments in Korea.

5) I really hope this fugitive gets extradited back to the States (HT to reader):

U.S. authorities have located international fugitive Kyung Ho Song in his native South Korea, more than a decade after he fled Cook County to avoid being tried for drunken driving and reckless homicide in an accident that killed a 43-year-old single mother.

Get a load of this guy:

Independent of authorities, reporters in recent weeks found Song in a glass and concrete high-rise apartment in Yongin, a quiet residential suburb about an hour and half’s drive from the capital city of Seoul.

During four interviews, the once-prosperous shoe store owner, who is now 73, bemoaned how his life had unraveled since his flight.

“I am such an unlucky guy,” Song said.

It gets much, much worse. Read it on your own. Just take your blood pressure meds before you do.

6) The North Koreans have met their match!

“As their bizarre press conference laid bare for all to see, dealing with the Maloofs is like dealing with the North Koreans — except they are less competent,” Lehane said in a statement to USA Today Sports. “In Maloof-world, facts are fiction; truths are half-truths; and promises are broken promises. The City of Sacramento deserves better.”

7) Last, but not least, is this horrible news from Goyang, which I’ll try to go more into later as it could have repercussions:

Nine teenagers have been detained on suspicion of beating a teenage girl to death and burying her body in a park, police said Wednesday.

The nine, including six high school students, are accused of brutally beating to death the 18-year-old with blunt weapons in an apartment in Goyang, north of Seoul, on April 5, for supposedly badmouthing them to others and refusing to heed their instructions, the Ilsan Police Station said.


  • Mryouknowwho

    3) While we’re on the topic, I liked Yoon Eun-hye better when she was fatter.

    Who cares? Really?

  • throwaway_just_in_case

    The issue with MKIF is that Macquarie just changed its PR company. I suspect that the new firm may not be quite as up-to-speed as the previous one on how to represent a foreign financial firm in the Korean market. The Hani article represents McQ (as expected) as a bunch of foreign raiders, hell-bent on sucking the Korean market dry. In actuality, McQ’s workforce is 95% Korean, even in upper management. It’s probably shown more commitment to the Korean market than any other foreign financial group.

    And what the Hani fails to question is where else the money was coming from for these large infra projects; McQ is only now reaping the benefits of a decade and a half of investment in Korean infrastructure. Without McQ’s money up front, these large projects would never have happened.

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  • Arghaeri

    I’m not sure that’s really accurate since some of their investments have been after someone else has done the hwavy lifting, eg, the 2nd incheon bridge.