Here are some tidbits of what’s happening in the aftermath of the Assembly elections.

  • Han Myeong-Sook steps down.  No surprise there. Moon Seong-Geun, an actor, civil rights activist and son of the late pastor Moon Ik-Hwan, is the interim head of the DUP. The party will hold a convention in June to elect the new leadership.
  • Park Geun-Hye enjoys election bounce.  Support for her was on the upward trajectory, and now she is solidly leading Ahn Cheol-Soo. In the latest poll setting Park and Ahn head-to-head in a hypothetical presidential election, Park led Ahn 45.1% to 35.9%. Park also led Moon Jae-In, 47.7% to 31.4%.
  • Where in Korea was Park Geun-Hye?  Check out this interesting diagram that shows all the places Park had been during the campaign season. Note the strong emphases on Seoul/Gyeonggi, Busan/Gyeongsangnam-do and Gangwon-do.
  • The 20s in Seoul showed up.  If there is a small black cloud in Park Geun-Hye’s clear sky, it is this — voters in their 20s in Seoul showed to vote in record numbers, at 64.1% participation rate. The votes of those in their 20s tilted Seoul heavily toward progressives’ favor, perhaps the lone bright spot for the leftists in this election.
  • The exorcism continues.  We haven’t heard from Lee Joon-Seok, the 27-year-old member of the NFP Emergency Response Committee, in a while. Well, apparently he was saving up for this one — Lee called for NFP to expel elections winners Kim Hyeong-Tae and Moon Dae-Seong, even at the cost of losing the Assembly majority. Moon famously plagiarized approximately 1/3 of his Ph.D. thesis word-for-word. Kim is suspected of attempting to rape his sister-in-law, who was married to his dead brother. (How’s that for depravity?) I would be pretty darn impressed if the NFP does go through with this.
  • Break glass.  In case of emergency, to access Ahn Cheol-Soo. And the progressives are definitely in emergency. The progressives’ call for Ahn to save the day is getting louder, as several prominent progressive leaders publicly pleaded Ahn to take action. What Ahn will do in the next weeks will set the tone for the next six months leading up to the presidential election.
  • Hello, goodbye.  How do we know this was a closely fought election? 74 new Assembly members are under investigation for violating election laws, exactly double the number of the winners who were investigated after the last Assembly election. In the last election, 15 winners ended up losing their seats for election laws violation. Open seats will be filled with a by-election that would happen along with the presidential election on December 19. As it is reasonable to expect 20+ seats, it will be a fun sideshow for the presidential election.