I will periodically update as the votes are being counted:

10:54 p.m.

– Looking good for NFP so far. With a little more than 70.4% of the votes counted as of this moment, the projection is: NFP 148, DUP 130, UPP 14, LFP 5 and independents 3. If the current trend holds, the conservatives (NFP + LFP) will hold the majority. NFP did especially well in Gyeongsang-do and Gangwon-do, making up the deficit in Seoul.

– The proportional representation went to the progressives, as the projection is:  NFP 24, DUP 22, UPP 6, LFP 2.

The final voter turnout was 54.3%, 8.2% higher than the last National Assembly election but lower than most projections.

11:07 p.m.

Listing a few areas of interest:

– At Busan Sasang-gu, DUP’s Moon Jae-In is confirmed to win over NFP’s Sohn Su-Jo. The progressives are projected to take 3 seats in Busan, a somewhat disappointing haul.

– At Seoul Nowon-gu 1, NFP’s Lee No-Geun is confirmed to win over DUP’s Kim Yong-Min, the controversial host of 나는 꼼수다.

– At Seoul Gangnam-gu 2, NFP’s Kim Jong-Hoon is confirmed to win over DUP’s Chung Dong-Yeong in the pro- versus anti-FTA fight.

– At Busan Saha-gu 1, NFP’s Moon Dae-Seong (who plagiarized his doctorate thesis) is confirmed to win over DUP’s Choi In-Ho.

– And just for giggles, at Seoul Mapo-gu 2, independent Kang Yong-Seok is projected to win 5.4% of the votes.

11:24 p.m.

– By the way, the elections color map is something to behold. Can you say east-west divide?

11:32 p.m.

A look at very close elections:

– At Busan Busanjin-gu 1, DUP’s Kim Yeong-Choon is leading NFP’s Na Seong-Rin by 52(!) votes.

– At Gyeonggi-do Uijeongbu 1, NFP’s Kim Sang-Do is leading DUP’s Moon Hee-Sang by 65 votes.

– Overall, there are 10 districts that are still within 300 votes differential.

1:20 a.m.

– Talk about a close one! At Gyeonggi Goyang 1, UPP’s Shim Sang-Jeong defeated NFP’s Sohm Beom-Gyu by 170 votes. At Gyeonggi Siheung 1, NFP’s Ham Jin-Gyu beat DUP Baek Won-Woo by 202 votes. At Gyeonggi Goyang 2, NFP’s Kim Tae-Won beat DUP’s Song Du-Yeong by 227 votes.

2:42 a.m.

– That’s all she wrote, folks. With 98.7% of the votes counted, the (nearly certain) final score:  NFP 152, DUP 127, UPP 13, LFP 5, Independents 3. NFP pulled out the improbable victory tonight — my congratulations to them.

I will stop the updates for now, and put up a summary post in the evening (U.S. time).