Seoul’s finest have booked 27 members of the so-called “Myeong-dong Mountain Hiking Association,” an organization that was facilitating prostitution for Japanese tourists in the Myeong-dong area.

Five were detained, including the head of the association.

The men had appearently been soliciting Japanese in the Myeong-dong area for years, but in order to deal with other touts getting organized and to provide settlement money for turf battles and lawyers fees, the men formed the “Myeong-dong Mountain Hiking Association” in August 2010.

Forming teams of four or five, they hung out at shops frequented by Japanese tourists and arranged for the kind of fun not usually found in the guidebooks. They would take punters by taxi to massage parlors in the Gangnam and Mia-ri areas and, after they were finished, drive them back to their hotels.

They would charge punters 210,000—250,000 won a customer, taking about 100,000 won in commissions. Which, if you were to ask your Uncle Marmot, is where the real crime lay. All told, they made 2.5 billion won.