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    The small Republic of Palau seems to have BIGGER balls than Korea.

    Just shoot the Chinese pirates out of the water!

  • cm

    The prosecution is asking for the death penalty against the Chinese captain who killed the South Korean coast guard. The court will hand down their judgement on April 14.

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    EVERYONE could watch? I’m not into watching boredom masturbation.

  • cm

    Not so fast. There’s rumor going around Korean sites that the government of South Korea has traded with the Chinese. The South Koreans receive four North Korean refugees (who are actually families of South Korean Korean War POW’s, held in North Korea) who were trapped for three years in the South Korean embassy in Beijing (China refused to let them leave for South Korea). Couple of days ago, the Chinese allowed them to leave and they arrived safely in South Korea secretly. In return for Chinese cooperation, South Korea puts the Chinese captain who murdered the Korean coast guard and two of his crew members on show trial. The prosecution asks for the death sentence on the captain, while asking 2 to 3 years for the other crew members. The South Korean court will sentence them to prison, in which after, they will be released into custody of China without any time served.

    Then there’s the matter of the body of the dead Chinese captain of the fishing boat who died after ramming the South Korean coast guard. The body has been stored in a South Korean morgue, with a 60million won price tag for associated with the cost of storage, for over a year and a half. The Chinese government has so far refused to claim the body by paying the costs because that would mean that China admits to Korean side’s position that the Chinese captain died while illegally fishing in South Korea. In exchange for those four North Korean refugees, South Korean government will get involved and return the body to China.

    There you go, it will be a trade off with China. I think this rumor is true and believable, and it all makes sense why China all of a sudden released those NK defectors.

    But I feel sorry for the families of the dead Korean coast guard. They will not get their justice, I’m afraid.

  • raintree_leaf

    The Chinese killed because some armed forces rammed their boats and attempted to interfere with their livelihood . The Korean killed because someone teased him.

  • jk6411

    The Korean killed because someone teased him.

    That wasn’t the only reason. He had other problems in life.

  • Ssamzi

    What is raintree_leaf even attempting to say? Someone help me out. I’m too logical to comprehend it.