Havoc and mayhem ensued at Saturday’s fixture between Incheon United and Daejeon Citizen after two irate Daejeon supporters rushed the pitch and assaulted Yuti, Incheon’s mascot, at the conclusion of the match.

And why yes, Yuti is a red-crowned crane. Or at least a 34-year-old dude dressed up like a red-crowned crane. The hapless man, who requested anonymity, complained to the Sports Chosun that he did nothing to provoke the attack, and never even saw the faces of the guys who did it.

Which is understandable, since he was dressed up like a red-crowned crane.

The assault spilled over into the stands, where there was some scuffling between Daejeon and Incheon supporters.

Daejeon Citizen, for its part, has banned the two guys from attending both home and away games for the rest of the year. Daejeon supporters, while careful not to justify the wanton attack on Yuti, did claim the mascot has been “provoking” them continuously for three years (great photo, BTW). How was not specified.