Intentionally traveling on a passport with someone else’s photo is dumb enough, but using the photo of an internationally sought fugitive, well…

The 54-year-old man, identified only by his last name Baik, is suspected of traveling to the Philippines and back on a passport issued under his personal details but using a photo of a fugitive on Interpol’s wanted list.

Apparently, Baik is friends with the fugitive and knew of his circumstances, but gave it the proverbial ‘what the heck?’ and traveled on the passport anyway. Once in the Philippines he was to give his fugitive friend the passport, but in a flash of brilliance, he backed out and chose to ply two country’s immigration checkpoints one more time with the fake and return home.  That didn’t work out so well.


In other dummy news, a taxi driver has been booked with charging a foreign tourist 330,000 won ($290) for a 2-kilometer ride in downtown Seoul.

This was mentioned in a KT op-ed piece addressing the problem of  “predatory taxi drivers” ripping off foreign tourists. The more interesting story (at least for me) is that the taxi driver would be dumb enough to try to get away with such an astronomical rip-off for such a short ride and that the foreign tourist would be dumb enough to pay 100-times the normal fare. Maybe he thought he was in Japan.

The predatory taxi driver problem is reportedly worse in Jeju.

A group of greedy and unruly drivers at Jeju International Airport has formed a gang-style network to monopolize operations and rip off passengers.

I commuted to a job via taxi daily in Jeju for a couple of months and had drivers try to give me the drive-around at least twice a week. I was dumb the first time and wrote off the extra $10.50 I paid as an ‘education’ expense.