North Korea Secretly Tested Iranian Nuclear Devices in 2010?

According to a recent article in Die Welt, North Korea most likely tested at least one Iranian device in 2010, according to “western intelligence sources” in return for 55 million USD.  The information partly comes from the Swedish Defense Research Agency in Stockholm, which studied radioisotopes in the atmosphere and data received from South Korea, Japan and Russia, on behalf of the organization collected the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBTO).

  • Sperwer

    Axis of evil, anyone?

  • R. Elgin

    Exactly except it could easily be a quartet if we count the PRC for their enabling of these two regimes through direct contribution and by other means of support, including selling the technology to Iran to develop nuclear capabilities.

  • robert neff

    Remember last year when there was talk of the possibility of the Norks testing the Iranian’s nuke?

  • Iang nio

    I think this goes back even farther… Well, the Iran-N.Korea ‘axis’ anyway… I remember reading somewhere that Iran let NK test nuclear missiles in ‘exchange’ for weapons &arms delivery (if I find the link I’ll post here). How much there is to this is another question but still too fishy to take it at face value.

    Meanwhile, the whole thing seems part of a major orchestration campaign (the enemies we love to hate…) to get ready to take down Iran and the entire ME – Syria and the singling out of Iran has been ongoing since Zbigniew Brzezinski’s “The Grand Chessboard” was published.

    One headline that years back truly made me do a double take was a small caption on the front page of a US mag (in my country of residence) that had Bum-sfeld (Donald Rumsfeld) paying NK a visit in 1986 to sell enriched Uranium to North Korea (

    The agenda as always, is driven from behind the scenes by the AIPAC lobby in the US and Zio-Israel which has the biggest nuclear bomb facility (Dimona) in the ME that nobody supposedly knows anything about. That N. Korea as a former (and still current ally) is welcome ‘agitator’ in the whole Iran debate just more ‘spice’ to the whole issue.

  • Iang nio

    That should read: That N. Korea as a former (and still current) ally of Russia.

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  • Charles Tilly

    HERE, have a look.

  • slim

    US spooks judged that German report to be of low to no credibility. I wish Adam Cathcart were as good a writer as he is a scholar and linguist.

  • Iang nio

    #6 I honestly don’t give Welt am Sonntag, Bild, Focus, Spiegel and all the rest of the German media too much credibility… Most of the corporate owned media is run by a specific lobby (…) that have a vested interest in of spreading disinfo in order to rally ‘support’ for their specific long-term agenda.

    Zerohedge is one of the few exceptions mentioned in the article. The DT is firmly pro-Israel.

    Obomber is like most of the political puppets on the world stage, but a pawn in the game – a useful idiot. I’m seriously missing the Iran-Russia/NK-Israel-US (the Zionists willing executioner and major funding source) angle in this article.

    Germany, as previous ‘sinner’ of war crimes against the Jewish peoples would not dare publish an article that goes against the commonly held view of demonising anyone who does not fit into the larger picture of ‘protecting’ Israel’s political and ideological convictions, given that it is considered a ‘crime’ to even so much as suggest that the Holocaust might not have been quite what the Jewish peoples have milked it (and continue to do so) for all it’s worth. AIPAC (to whom Obomber has to cater to whether he likes it or not) is the most powerful lobby in the US and nobody gets into the WH without their support and considerable funding and toeing the line to Israel’s agenda.

    I’m not trying to distract from the debate, I am also not saying that these tests aren’t ‘secretly carried out’, but I would much rather prefer to have someone write about this without a specific agenda and merely state that no-one, absolutely no-one in this whole scenario has a white vest.

    The ‘cold war’ between Russia and the USA has now China and Israel (pulling the US’s strings) as major players in the whole set-up. Venezuela has been on friendly terms with Iran, and Russia as well. The geopolitical landscape has changed dramatically over the last few decades and to not take those factors into account, tells, IMHO, only half the story.

  • Iang nio

    #6 If the below article does not speak volumes as to what the real agenda here is (not N. Korea, no IRAN), then I don’t know how to spell it out for you. Note that the date of the article goes back to Jan 3rd, 2012.

    Israel to shut down Dimona nuclear reactor should war break out

    and today this one:

    Leon Panetta confirms U.S. will ‘take action’ if Israel strikes Iran

    To be honest this smells like psy-ops to me. BIG time – media manipulation disinformation at work like you don’t know where it’s coming from. You’ve been had and those that actually buy this story because – hey, it suits the big boys who run the REAL show.

    Iran has been a thorn in the side of the Zionist regime forever and a day and Israel will stop at absolutely NOTHING to get this war rhetoric heated up and will gladly use the ‘N. Korea was testing ground for Iran’ bait. It does sound like a completely fabricated story – like the one of the “weapons of mass destruction in Iraq”.

  • slim

    “You’ve been had and those that actually buy this story because – hey, it suits the big boys who run the REAL show.”

    But you seem to be the only one taking it seriously (but seriously in a rather unserious, cartoonish way). I’d recommend scrolling back to the appearance and demise of a commenter named wiessej, who suffered (and forced us to suffer) some of your same issues.

  • thekorean

    I’d recommend scrolling back to the appearance and demise of a commenter named wiessej . . .

    Ooh, was there a spectacular demise that I missed?

  • slim

    @11. I’m not sure. More a “disappearance” than a demise, I guess. Maybe he’s crawling though the swamps of Yongbyon on a mission to take out those nukes.

  • Robert Koehler

    Why do I get all the conspiratorial anti-Israel types?

  • slim

    Iran doesn’t even exist, Robert. It’s a Zionist fabrication with a cast of millions on Mossad’s payroll, a project that those in the know refer to as the “Persian Diversion.” Pepe Escobar of Asia Times has nailed this.

  • R. Elgin

    I only trust the “Pepe” of hot sauce fame and, even then, not too much.

  • Jashin Densetsu

    pepe escobar is good. he’s got good articles at asia times

  • Iang nio

    Guys, you better get yourself a cup o’ coffee or DRINK, and a fag (Britsh for ciggy). Settle in nicely and enjoy. It’s a bit long but I assure, you shan’t be bored… Heh, heh…

    #10, 12 & 14… Interesting feedback… Makes me wonder whether you’d be better off in N. Korea where they most likely chirp away in the very same fashion about S. Korea being a complete fabrication of the US-Anglosaxon military industrial complex full of US lapdogs and on the payroll of the wider US Imperialist regime that America has undoubtedly grown into. Other than that I don’t have the time or interest (…) to ‘read up’ on some past commentator who you seem to think as me being some kind of ‘copy cat’ poster – NOT.

    If it wouldn’t smell so much of complete contempt towards Iran (not that I’m a friend, lest you should have misinterpreted my ‘comments’…:) ) I would actually think you funny. Maybe you are, but SOMEthing’s missing…hmmm…now WHAT could that be?

    Ah right, irony! Never mind. It doesn’t matter what we debate here because the way things are cooking along nicely, it’s going to heat up any minute to boiling point and boots on the ground. We can then watch the show on the sidelines from the safety of our armchairs – so-to-speak and keep arguing – yaaaaawwwn…. The Big Boys don’t give a hoot- you and I both know that, don’t we?

    #13 Conspiratorial? If one takes everything the papers write at face value I might actually not take this blog seriously either. A bit too vapid, ‘easy peezy lemon squeezy’, maybe? Just wondering. I remember when I was in Seogwipo, Jeju, on the first evening, I ran into a young Korean lad who was about enter his military service and was on a brief hiatus – doing his ‘thang’ (I did mine, thank you) – and as broke as he was (he actually asked me if I’d know of a cheap place in the area) , we met up after he’d found his place to stay. He had some very cheap dish (white omelett, I think it was) and he still insisted I share it with him even though I’d already had dinner.

    Long story short, we got talking about Korean politics and the naval base about to be erected on Jeju. He then mentioned that the young people in Korea are no longer trusting the official media IN Korea – NOT- the West and that most of them are owned and run by the very same corporations that also have their sticky fingers in every other pot (chaebol and their cronies) and if not directly, then through ‘old boys’ network’. Although I cannot remember the name of the media outlet (if he did mention it…), I know that really stuck with me because alternative media is not ‘taken seriously’ – depending on what side of the aisle you’re standing on and what angle you’re coming from, conditioning, convictions and the rest of social, ideological and political influences and brainwashing coming into play.

    All that being said, I worked in finance, law, and most big blue chip companies, and the City of London is one of the Centres (next to the Vatican) that are major players that you don’t ‘connect’ with the military-industrial-complex, the elite (the REAL decision-makers) and their willing executioners running the show behind the scenes. Nor is Basel, Switzerland, where the BIS (Bank of Int’l Settlements) has its home. That the BIS was founded with Nazi gold is an open secret. As is, it’s not solely “anti-Israel”, there’s a difference between well-intentioned peaceful minded Israelis that refuse to join the military (probably a no-no on this blog…) and the Zionist zealots who think the whole entire ME should be subjugated to their ‘interests’ – they actually take ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ seriously – so much for the irony.

    Adding to THAT irony, is of course the fact, that they’re sitting in the hornet’s nest being the only non-Muslim nation and then understandably, use that as an ‘rationale/excuse’ and intellectual grounds of logic’ (not to mention the religious fanaticism and self-righteousness) (…) to be armed to the teeth and annihilate anything that moves within an inch of their ‘promised homeland’ territories.

    Like I said, Slim’s comment was missing irony. But a good try, nonetheless…

    Most of the common (disinterested/distracted) folks in the US have never heard of ‘The Project for a new American Century'(PNAC – a think tank that had all the luminaries of the Bush Sr administration (Cheney, Wolfowitz, Bumsfeld, Richard Perle, et al at the helm). Zbigniew Brzezinski’s book “The Grand Chessboard” was the heart, soul and the core upon which PNAC’s (neo-con) ideologically driven agenda is still ongoing as we speak and that has an immediate role in N. Korea being referred to as ‘Axis of Evil’, together with Iraq and Iran.

    Yesterday, I stumbled upon a very interesting journalist (German native) who, after working for 19 years for the ARD (one of the main tv media outlets in Germany) went independent and has since been reporting ‘non’-embedded with the other “embedded” ‘journalists’ (some call them media-whores for the elite) from Afghanistan, Iraq, Lybia, Syria, and now on Iran.

    If you understand German he’s interesting to listen to – his take and why this terror-scaring fear-mongering claptrap (which N. Korea suits perfectly) is engineered deliberately and with absolute calculated ‘end solution’- (to borrow a term and twist it about – intentions.

    Christoph Hörstel im iranischen Rundfunk


    Christoph Hörstel: Ich verließ ARD=ZDF weil ich nie mehr zuviel Lügerei mitorganisieren wollte

    I left the ARD-ZDF (sister media outlet) because I never wanted to be part of co-orchestrating too many lies evermore.

    In this last interview he talks about his immediate experience in Afghanistan being the only Western journalist to be granted access by the Taliban shortly after 9/11.

    Staying on German turf, it was Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda minister who himself said that:

    ‘If you repeat a lie often enough, people will eventually believe it. We have to get the people so incensed that they will cry for war’.

    You don’t have to be ‘anti-Israeli’ to see the distorted ideology behind this ‘argument’. “Divide and conquer” has been the one and only unchangeable credo by which the Big Boys have run their show for centuries. A LOT of this has been willingly and intentionally fuelled by those that know how to push buttons, trigger the masses and their cronies and willing foot soldiers.

    It’s ALWAYS about somebody’s ‘interest’ (agenda).

    Like I said, the more things change the more they stay the same.

    And lest we should get into ideologically ‘flavoured’ “funny” arguments about conspiracy being maybe truth after all or just ‘fabricated BS’, let’s all be crystal clear about this: neither I, you or anybody else on this blog ain’t gonna change that one bit and can do diddly squat about it.

    Have a nice day. :)