Some people shouldn’t be allowed near a computer

The Kukmin Ilbo reports that a Korean netizen has earned the ire of Japanese cyberland by posting a Youtube video of himself expressing hope—in Japanese, no less—that the Japanese would be wiped out in a great earthquake.

See the video here. The diligent Japanese netizenry—always happy to promote Korea on the international stage—took the time to subtitle the video into English.

UPDATE: I’m told by a reader that the translation here is much better.

  • redwhitedude

    Some people need listen in proper net manners.

  • roboseyo

    trolls be trollin’.

  • enomoseki

    This guy is a hero.

  • Year of the Dragon

    This guys gay – I am sure, his body language, the ways he holds his hands, etc

    He is taking out his anger about his sexuality (being different) and turning his anger onto the Japanese instead.

  • Wedge

    The dude’s seriously light in the loafers. I wish him well during his stint in the ROK Army.

    If I were Japanese, I’d be dying of laughter.

  • Q

    헐, 이건 아닌데.

  • Yu Bum Suk

    Sounds like something my friend would do, minus the gay-ness (he can also speak Japanese fairly well). This guy just sounds ridiculous. Yes, he’ll probably be wishing he were a Jap when it comes time for basic training.

  • Turbo

    #7 a “Jap”?

  • Robert Koehler

    It’s from the video.

  • minam

    Looks like the Japanese netizens posted his name and address on one of his youtube videos. This guy is in for a lot of trouble. Personally, I think this guy is an idiot, but it’s best just to ignore them and not give them a victim complex.

  • cm

    #10 the guy is an idiot, but Japanese netizens aren’t entirely innocent either. The death threats and mob protests, against Korean actress Kim Tae Hee, and filling Youtube and Yahoo sites with Korean hate-fest videos/posts makes doesn’t exactly help with good relationship. It’s odd that they pick on this one guy, when they’re no angels either.

  • jk6411

    he’s pretty!

  • Ssamzi

    Predictable. Those Japanese netizens are surely desperate to play the hypocritical victim when their web space is deeply contaminated by the ‘kill chons off the planet!’ kind of slogans.

  • Liz

    1. Obligatory comment: this kid’s an idiot and obviously in for a spanking.

    2. I’m really concerned about the opacity of Japan reporting, not just by the Japanese government but also the foreign media stationed there. Many are almost adamantly convinced that the city is safe from radioactive harm, and the worst is over. But then the South Korean media produces reports like this, an eyewitness report that suggests Tokyoites live in constant fear of radiation. Report also states radiation continues to leak out into the ocean.

    “일본에서 안 먹는 멸치, 한국에 수입해도 되나”
    (Is it safe to import anchovies to Korea, when it’s not even consumed in Japan?)

    (HT @oisoo)