So, a photo of a Taiwanese cab with a sign “No Korean passengers” has some Korean netizens upset, reports the Chosun Ilbo.’s diligent researchers found that taxis with these signs first appeared after the big taekwondo mess in the 2010 Asian Games.

At least one netizen who saw the photo posted, “Why do they do this to us only when they love Japan?”

Anti-Korean sentiment has been on the rise in Taiwan since Korea entered into diplomatic relations with the PRC in 1990, and reportedly has been increasing drastically since 2004, when Korea’s per capita income surpassed Taiwan’s. Or so the Chosun said.

A 41-year-old Mr. Lee, who recently returned to Korea after living in Taiwan, said something like jealousy has spread quickly around Taiwan over the last couple of years as Korea began to surpass Taiwan in terms of economic power and recognition. Conspicuous behavior by some Koreans who openly belittle countries doing less well than Korea seems to have set off these feelings, too, he said. He recently witnessed restaurants that won’t accept Koreans as well.