• gbnhj

    Their hardware looks so outdated. Fixed bayonets?

  • http://bensmatrix.info ElCanguro

    I like the concept of shooting a placard with the title 이명박 정신병자. But, c’mon fellas you know what they say about people in glasshouses … there seems to be a healthy number of 정신병자들 in that mob ..

  • http://tasotyosotbosot.blogspot.com/ Changmi

    Why do they only shoot at placards with the president’s name written out, and not at actual pictures of him? Do they not want the soldiers to know what LMB looks like for some reason?

  • Granfalloon

    Photographs are expensive in North Korea, I guess.

  • PeterDownUnder

    Good work LMB haters gonna hate!

    These guys vocal projections must have had some training, they could project through an opera house I bet

  • Creo69

    “SNL” cracks me up. They really look Korean! Funny stuff…they sure got the over the top drama bit down.

  • cm

    “Crazy Gangsters”, are themselves, he shouldn’t talk about themselves like that. Just look at that dude’s face.

    But, what an amusing video.

  • keith

    I feel sorry for the north Koreans. There is a reason that the authorities there block almost all content from outside, and strictly control domestic media – it makes the north Koreans look like backwards peasants in comparison to almost any country in the world. The weapons those guys are using can obviously be effective at killing, but compared to the tech S Korea and her allies have it’s pretty pathetic.

    If again a proper war ever did break out on the Korean peninsula (very unlikely in my opinion) the biggest risk would be China. But I don’t think the Chinese want that, they’d just do a sneaky land-grab thing and negotiate for a compromise.

    When I went on the USO tour around the DMZ the biggest impression that it made on me was how much taller and stronger the southern lads looked in comparison to the northern lads. Most of the children in that video might have bullets and determination, but they don’t have food and they simply don’t have the kit to invade South Korea.

    South Korea and her allies are more than capable of roundly beating the north and China in a war.Iit wouldn’t be very nice though and I think the only reason that China supports the north is to piss off the US and the south, and use the north as leverage in negotiations. Pretty obvious stuff really.

  • CactusMcHarris

    ‘South Korea and her allies are more than capable of roundly beating the north and China in a war’

    You are taking the piss, what?

  • CactusMcHarris


    Meant to add that it would be another draw after a lot of bad stuff happening. China is the elephant in the room of East Asia.

  • redwhitedude

    Norks with their anti south Korea propaganda are beginning to sound more like a broken record. Who knows maybe they are watching SNSD in private?

  • SomeguyinKorea

    Feeding their MGs with a magazine instead of a belt, and only shooting a couple of 3-round bursts? That’s pathetic.

  • DLBarch

    I know this sounds a bit out of touch, but what, exactly, does “SNSD” stand for?

    Yes, I know who they are…unfortunately (thank you, David Letterman!)…but just not sure what the acronym stands for.


  • cm

    Girl’s Generation

    Soh-Nyuh Shi-Dae

    S N S D

  • DLBarch

    Ah, I see. Of course.

    Well, I feel pretty stupid now. Talk about a Homer Simpson moment! D’oh!

    But thanks! Now I’m in-the-know!


  • Granfalloon

    I think one of saddest things I’ve ever seen was a photo series North Korea released during a famine, showing Kim Jong Il leading a group of soldiers in line for a buffet that would have looked meager at a Philadelphia soup kitchen. It was like watching a six year old brandishing a ten dollar bill, except infinitely more depressing.

    North Korea, please stop. Just stop.

  • theotherkorean

    Maybe I should be glad that this guys hate 2MB and not S. Koreans in general.