Random stuff I’ve been meaning to blog

– A couple of days ago, the New York Times ran a piece on the use of social media to bring K-pop to the West. More from one of the writers here.

– A Korean-American chef brings a bit of Asian flare to Southern cuisine (HT to Liz).

– Cute, if a bit country-ish, photo of a young Lee Na-yeong.

– Good on Jo Eun-suk for getting this in shape, but I do confess, I’m not sure if I dig chicks with six-packs out of “300” (or PSY from those beer commercials).

– OK, I realize a teacher getting suspended for acting in porn in Oxnard has nothing to do with Korea, but it does bring back fond memories of this case.

  • CactusMcHarris

    Ms. Jo can crunch me anytime – nice contrast of femininity and Sperwer. The 2nd photo is gorgeous, the first is freakish.

    You can now look for adjummas of a certain age to be making a run on dumbbells, along with the relish and mustard, at Costco.

  • CactusMcHarris

    I’m also glad to see the tie-in with social media and Hallyu / foreign Hallyu fans, most of whom are in their 20s (just guessing) and at the crest of the connectivity wave.

    And, in closing, here’s a hearty wave! of support for more dorky cool.

  • http://dok.do/4aVK41 Year of the Dragon

    The school is hanging Stacie on the gallows…

    what was their initial delay in the investigation?

    The fact that 7th and 8th grade students were the ones who found her on porno movies….

    The school has to keep that under the covers don’t they….

  • http://dok.do/4aVK41 Year of the Dragon

    Surfing porn in Korea is a crime—not that you’d know that judging from everyday behavior..

    what a joke! doesn’t every middle & high school boy in Korea spend every second day surfing porn? who hasn’t been in a PC barn, where some old adjushi’s are surfing porn in clear view of young children seated nearby?

  • redwhitedude

    Did that woman moonlighting as a porn actress really think that she was going to get away with that? I think she should just be reassigned. I don’t think she broke anylaws.