North Korea offers to suspend nuclear activities for food aid

Not this again

North Korea announced on Wednesday that it would suspend nuclear weapons tests and uranium enrichment and allow international inspectors to monitor activities at its main nuclear complex, a step that raised the possibility of ending a diplomatic impasse that has allowed the country’s nuclear program to continue with no international oversight for years.

Although the Obama administration called the steps “important, if limited,” they nonetheless signaled that the country’s new leader, Kim Jong-un, is at least willing to engage with the United States, which pledged in exchange to ship tons of food aid to the isolated, impoverished nation.

I can only hope North Korea doesn’t decide to “test” American commitment to the deal by wacking South Korea again.

  • numberoneoppa

    Send them a few ships of food, but let’s not give them money.

  • Year of the Dragon

    Haven’t we heard this before?

    Once the tons of food and other aid arrives, don’t they immediately kick the inspectors back out of the country and resume the nuclear weapons tests and uranium enrichment.

    another ploy to get the “tons of food” needed for this years Kim Il Sung’s 100th anniversary celebration.

    Those scheming wretches!

  • keith

    Give them nothing until they give up the ‘military first policy’ and permanently stop rather than merely ‘suspend’ nuclear activities. With their Juche idea let them be self reliant, or starve trying.

    North Korea’s government are liars, they cannot be trusted. They’ve proved that time and time again, sending them any aid is foolish. The aid that doesn’t get given to the military is shipped off to China and sold for cash to spend on luxuries for the party faithful. If they didn’t spend so much money and manpower on the military they could afford to feed themselves. If they didn’t allocate all their best farmland to growing opium they could feed themselves.

    Why should the US give aid to north Korea when the US has lots of poor people itself? Giving north Korea any aid is utterly foolish.

  • Sperwer

    “Talks with North Korea are the porn shoots of diplomacy — staged, loveless, and ultimately unsatisfying exhibitionism after which nothing endures except for the sense of self-debasement, years of awkward explanations, and possibly a painful burning sensation.”

    More here:

  • Year of the Dragon

    Under the new aid proposal, the United States is ready to provide about 20 metric tonnes of emergency nutrition per month, including corn-soy blend, vegetable oil and therapeutic foods to help fight chronic malnutrition among young children, pregnant women and other vulnerable people.

    North Korea will backtrack as usual, once they have the “goodies”.

  • CactusMcHarris

    The Nork nuke nim is going the the cave of the yangnome.