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    First, bro?

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    Poor JongNam, had his money supply cut off.

    He was an asshole anyway, for living a life of a playboy in casino’s wasting away the money his asshole father stole from his Korean slaves.

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    Et tu, Carolus?

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    Vietnam joins Cambodia in banning women in their countries from marrying Korean men. Vietnam has singled out Korean men above the age of 50 and will also block those with at least a 16 year age gap.

    1) Am I being insensitive in pointing out that the Vietnamese woman who was stabbed to death by her Korean husband was 14 years younger than him?

    2) Economist David Henderson once said that if you want to help the poor, don’t look at their range of options and cancel the ones they have chosen. He was probably talking about prostitution or minimum wage laws.

    3) Another saying: Hard cases make bad law: Some Vietnamese women have been abused by their Korean hubbies, and one was stabbed to death last year. When there is real abuse there is often a tendency to pass a law or ban an activity.

    4) The Vietnamese authorities have decided to block choices rather than informing people of the dangers.

    From the article: “Last week, representatives of Vietnam’s administrative regions gathered up and discussed these (restrictions), and decided to implement them starting in April,” said Han You-jin, the head of the association.

    5) I suspect a) there will be a rush of marriages before April and that b) the matchmakers will specialize in marriages between Korean men in their late 40s and Vietnamese women in their mid to late 30s.

    6) From a different article, here are some eligible Korean bachelors (below the age of 50):

    A 30 year old Korean man has been arrested for self-producing a date rape drug (GHB).

    In another story, a 42 year old Korean man has been fraudulently advertising the date rape drug.

    According to the article:

    “If you put this in the drink, she is 100 percent yours“ on a corporate Internet site. He pocketed 15 million won from 28 people who sent money to buy the drug.
    A high school student was included in the list of those who requested to buy the drug from him. The 15-year-old surnamed Park said he was seduced by the provocative posting and sent Jeong 300,000 won. The list included office workers, public service employees, publishers, and livestock raisers in their 20s and 30s.

    No one above the age of 50 was cited in the article so they apparently are all eligible to marry Vietnamese women.

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    The busybodies on the Korea Times editorial staff have zeroed in on expensive weddings.

    The Times mentions in closing:

    “Every member of our society should join efforts to prevent extravagance from finding its way into weddings.”

    Well, well! Here’s a challenge for the Korea Times: Will the newspaper set an example by forbidding its staff from attending such expensive weddings? Or perhaps cut the pay of those employees who do participate in or attend expensive weddings?

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    #26 The 28 Korean men paid 300,000~700,000 won just to date rape a girl?

    but let me guess, the “foreigners” were to blame!

    those damn, foreigners!

  • YangachiBastardo

    Casey: i agree 100% with what you say, Vietnam is not a democracy though and it’s pretty far away from being one on top of everything, so i suspect your common sense would fall on deaf ears

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    My family and I are enjoying our snowy vacation on Korea’s semi-arctic paradise of Jeju Island . . .

    Jeffery Hodges

    * * *

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    My family and I are heading off to beautiful Je Ju Do tomorrow!!!

    We will be staying at the Shilla Hotel for a few days if you care to look us up. You can find me by the pool.



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    I am offended by hardyandtiny‘s image earlier in the thread. It appears to be a Starbucks cup with a caricature of me emphasizing my nose. Why they gotta pick on the white man?

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    The Shilla, eh? That’s above my pay scale. We’re staying in a place called 외돌개 나라 (Waedolgae Nara), which possibly means our pension has seceded from Korea.

    Jeffery Hodges

    * * *

  • redwhitedude

    So basically the way to deal with problems with interracial marriages is to run away from them? Just restrict or ban them. Hmmm That’s not much of a solution. Rushing into it without having a system to properly make background checks on people who want foreign spouses and ways to help out people to adjust to life in Korea is a problem waiting to happen.

  • jkitchstk

    # 6,
    What’s that now 3 countries that have passed laws to protect their women from and because of Korean men? Kudos to Korean males!

  • mizu76
  • http://pawikoreapics.blogspot.com/ pawikirogii 石鵝

    what resposibility do vietnamese women have in all of this? always happy when you can be a hero, eh? btw, there are millions of mixed race babies in asia abondoned by their western fathers, how do you feel about that?

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    So, am I to take it that Jenny Hyun has issues with black folk?

  • http://www.ktlit.com ccmontgom

    Good lord.. apparently not a problem that racial extermination won’t solve. That woman is craaaaaazy.
    (I’d still hit it…^^)

  • http://dok.do/4aVK41 Year of the Dragon


    what resposibility do vietnamese women have in all of this? always happy when you can be a hero, eh? btw, there are millions of mixed race babies in asia abondoned by their western fathers, how do you feel about that?

    True… just as there are millions of mixed race babies in Asia (Mongolia, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, India, etc) abandoned by their Korean fathers.

  • keith

    Do other males have issues with foreign governments letting them marry the womenfolk? Obviously pretty much any better off country will have male and female ‘sex tourists’ who travel to poorer countries to use prostitutes, but marriage is a very different thing entirely. Marriage should be about two equal loving partners going through life together in a healthy, loving, fun and productive relationship.

    Most international marriages between non Korean men and Korean women seem to be fairly normal (every relationship has its ups and downs), and all the international couples I know don’t seem to have many issues that non international marriages don’t sometimes have. What is the problem with specifically Korean men?

    Why is that demographic (Korean males) picked out? There must be a serious problem with how these guys treat the women. I think it must be an attitude thing, I saw a large advert a couple of years ago advertising Vietnamese and Filipino women ‘for sale’, it categorically stated that they wouldn’t run away. If one of the first things you think about when considering marriage is whether your partner will run away or not then your probably not a very desirable individual.

    If you’re over 50, poor, possibly mentally ill or physically disabled, you have a crap job (or even no job), you’re a drunken misogynist who lives in a freezing shack with his ageing parents, you expect your partner to be a slave, you can’t communicate in a common language, you beat her and expect her to live on a diet of rotten vegetables and smelly fish – should it be a ‘suprise’ when the woman runs away? Desirable and pleasant men don’t need to ‘purchase’ females, whether that desirable man is Korean or any other nationality or race.

    The women imported from these developing countries have probably had their expectations of a better life dashed. They probably watched too much Arirang Channel and drank the Sparkling Soju kool aid, in short they’ve been lied to.

  • hardyandtiny

    Second Bro, first!

  • Arghaeri

    there are millions of mixed race babies in asia abondoned by their western fathers,

    outside asian ussr are there even millions of western men in asia, let alone making babies and abandoning them?

  • http://dok.do/4aVK41 Year of the Dragon

    Remember the Korean female Public Middle school teacher who was “doing it” with one of her male-middle-school students?

    The only thing that happened to her, was, she lost her job at “that” school.

    well.. an American 39y.o. school teacher also “did it” with a middle-school-students..

    what happened?

    40 year prison sentence – http://dok.do/pV1amk

  • Arghaeri

    I don’t understand these wild unsubstantiated accusations, its obvious Jenny Hyun isn’t racist as she isn’t white!

  • Seth Gecko

    40 years?!
    For a FEMALE teacher having sex with a MALE student?!


  • http://bcarr.com Brendon Carr

    outside asian ussr are there even millions of western men in asia, let alone making babies and abandoning them?

    These kinds of reports depend on a few malefactors who are extremely productive. Me and the other foreign lawyers — 30,000 illegitimate children each. Kind of like how a woman is raped every eight minutes. Why she doesn’t try to get away, I don’t know.

  • Arghaeri

    damn, I really have to step up my game :-)

  • CactusMcHarris


    It has nothing to do with your barristry and everything to do with your naval, you profligate seaman you.

  • http://gypsyscholarship.blogspot.com/ jefferyhodges

    Even Brendon’s naval produces seamen?

    Jeffery Hodges

    * * *

  • ubercake

    I saw major increased police patrols in Itaewon this weekend. The young riot cops sans their riot gear were patrolling in a unit of around 20 looking at everything and anything. The minute they walked buy, the usually clanging doors of hooker hill went very quiet.

  • Seth Gecko

    I am so pissed off at how that phony George Lucas allowed olleh/allah to pussify Darth Vader even worse than the prequels did. “WARP!”, Jesus Christ.

    Let’s watch this and remember when Darth Vader was a badass:

  • dogbertt

    Funny thing — I was reading the comment thread here from most recent to earliest, and as soon as I saw the last couple of paragraphs of #21, I knew it was a keef post, even before I saw the name.

    Get a new shtick, chavmeister.

  • keith
  • ubercake

    Plus ‘warp’ is “Star Trek” territory. Any “Star Wars” fan in Korean should be totally pissed, you know, after they rack off a couple hits off their inhalers.

  • jkitchstk

    Get a load of this…
    “Will Korea be iTunes’ second Asian base?”
    “An official at Apple Korea told the JoongAng Ilbo this week that the iPhone maker is now conducting a feasibility test on the Korean market.“

    I guess we’re suppose to believe itunes isn’t yet in Korea because of Apple?

    “On the heels of such success, iTunes has expanded into the U.K., France, Canada, Brazil and Australia, but as far as Asia is concerned, Apple has only introduced the service to Japan so far.”

    Does Apple/itunes need to “introduce” it’s service to S. Korea before it expands into S. Korea?

    The Joongangdaily forgot 17 other countries, Germany, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.

    But why ONLY JAPAN so far?

    Here is my guess…
    “Domestic online music stores like Melon and Mnet have expressed concern that when, or if, iTunes invades their turf, their respective pieces of the pie will get considerably smaller in light of the soaring popularity of Apple’s digital devices, such as its iPhones and iPads.”

    Korean entertainment companies might also have something to do with it?

    The article says Apple/itunes has expanded into Brazil, but I don’t think so. If it had you’d be able to see it on the chart at the itunes link above.

  • Arghaeri

    I don’t understand this, my wife uses iTunes in korea sll the time?

  • http://dok.do/4aVK41 Year of the Dragon

    I don’t get it either – been using Korean iTunes in Korea for a year or two now – what’s so new?

  • jkitchstk

    Maybe not every Korean singer/group can be bought on itunes, depending on their contract with entertainment group?

  • Arghaeri

    And you think every american song is on the US iTunes?

  • jkitchstk

    # 37 & 38,
    I don’t think they want you to understand.

    Of course not but slave contracts don’t keep them from doing so. How can itunes have a legit Korean Top Ten when singers/groups aren’t allowed(per entertainment agencies) to sell with the support of Melon, Mnet, etc…”For fear of itunes invading their turf and cutting into their piece of the pie”(fair competition).

  • Arghaeri

    The article suugests that the music developers will be perfectly happy, since they get bugger all from melon etc.

  • Railwaycharm

    @19 You are damn right! Crazy women will give you the best sack-race you will have in your life!

  • jkitchstk

    Suicide at the movies in Seoul, just what’s needed. Why not dramatize jumping of buildings, there sure ain’t enough of it happening already. It’s being advertised on buses through out the city, starring Avatar’s Sam Worthington. Go see “Man On Ledge” at your local CGV or Lotte Cinema –
    I thought Big Brother in S. Korea was careful about which English movies were shown in S. Korea, I guess not. It’s rated PG-13 so high school kids can go watch it without their parents, and copy it.
    Roger Ebert gave it 2 stars –

  • YangachiBastardo

    Napoli Vs Chelsea…

    ATTENTION dear Naples and London fans, the game out of security concerns has been moved to Fukushima, Japan

    (‘cos a man is allowed to day-dream, isn’t he ??)

  • CactusMcHarris

    North Korea in the news, again, but not for any dumb shit – it’s about the Tumen River’s islands and such (who knew?).


  • http://vmphotography.com.au hoju_saram

    So is this another media beat-up, or did Sarah Palin think the Queen was responsible for decisions on British forces in Iraq? She allegedly also thought Saddam Hussein ordered the September 11 attacks.

    I’m no Palin fan, but I’m actually not convinced she’s this stupid. In the absence of audio/video evidence, referencing “film research” doesn’t really cut it for me (although it was corroborated by Republican Steve Schmidt).

  • http://www.wm3.org/Updates iheartblueballs

    I’m no Palin fan, but I’m actually not convinced she’s this stupid. In the absence of audio/video evidence, referencing “film research” doesn’t really cut it for me (although it was corroborated by Republican Steve Schmidt).

    I’m not convinced she’s currently this stupid. I am convinced that she was in 2008. The fact that Steve Schmidt and Nicole Wallace — both Republicans tasked to work with her directly during that period — have come out confirming many of the stories of Palin’s frightening level of ignorance detailed in the book, is enough to give credence to the general thrust of Game Change, which the movie is based on.

    The story regarding the Queen and the level of ignorance it belies is only a new tomato on top of the stupid salad that was detailed several years ago when Game Change was first published. Did you not hear the stories about her inability to differentiate North and South Korea, and tales of maps laid out on tables in marathon tutoring sessions that surfaced back in early 2010 when the book was first published? The Korean angle was discussed here at length so I’m surprised if this is the first you’ve heard of that unflattering portrait. If you believe the other tales of cluelessness told by fellow Republicans who have admitted being frightened by the prospect of her being a heartbeat away, the couple of additional anectdotes do not represent any new level of stupidity, but rather seem to represent the norm for her in those couple months that her team of advisors was trying to give her the Billy Madison treatment and do all 12 grades in a few weeks.

  • DLBarch

    Does Korea tax the rich?

    According to Sean Hayes over at the Korean Law Blog, it sure seems like it:

    KRW 12mil or Less 6.6%
    KRW 12mil to KRW 46mil 16.5%
    KRW 46mil to KRW 88mil 26.4%
    KRW 88mil to KRW 300mil 38.5%
    OVER KRW 300mil 41.8%

    Yikes! Of course, like the 90 percent marginal tax rate of the Eisenhower administration, it could be that no one actually pays these rates. On the other hand, I don’t see anyone in Korea or on MH for that matter accusing Korea or the 2MB administration of pursuing ruinous socialist tax policy.

    In contrast, between the feds and the state of California, most of the folks I know pay about 25 percent of their salary in taxes, which seems to be the norm.

    Any expats here care to admit — anonymously, of course — what they pay in taxes to the Kukseichong? Or are all the expats in Korea these days tax scofflaws?


  • http://bcarr.com Brendon Carr

    DLB — Korea has steeply progressive tax rates, and consequently an extremely high rate of tax evasion. Tax evasion is, as you know, the national sport of the Republic of Korea. I’m positive that this tax rate hike will result in a drop in taxes collected.

    The biggest tax evaders are lawyers in solo practice, and doctors in plastic-surgery clinics, who have the opportunity to receive fees in small, unmarked bills. Big law firms have practically zero opportunity to dodge tax, because our payments are nearly all wire transfers.

    Expats get a special dispensation, where we are permitted to choose a flat rate of tax applicable from the “first dollar” of income. That rate is, I believe, 16.5% (15% base rate, plus a local surtax of 10% of the tax amount, for a final rate of 16.5%). But, there are no exemptions of income from this rate: no deductions for medical expenses, school fees, or credit-card spending. For expats earning up to W200,000,000 in Korea it probably makes sense to pay under the convoluted system of exemptions and deductions. This was especially true until this year, as formerly Korea allowed the exemption of 1/3 of income from tax altogether. (Maybe it was 30%, but anyway, it was around this level.)

    Nearly all my income is wage income. Foreign-school tuition and the kick-ass full-back tattoo I’m working on are gobbling up the money I would otherwise use for investments. So, between the flat rate of income tax and National Pension, National Medical Insurance, and unemployment insurance, I pay approximately 25% of income to the Republic of Korea. Then I get to enjoy the rare treat of taking out the checkbook and writing a check to the US Federal government for another 7-10% of income, just because I retain citizenship of the United States of America.

    So I want to ask: What’s the income bracket for these Californians paying only 25% of their income in taxes? I ran over to a California Income Tax calculator, and a US$500,000 household income (I’m using the two-professional household you hold up as superior to all others) seems to pay US$165,000 in income taxes — 33% between California and the Feds. Plus there’s Medicare/Medicaid, Social Security, and unemployment insurance.

    In California the employee portion of these taxes is 6.2% for Social Security on the first US$110,000 (or whatever) in income (and self-employed get to chip in the employer portion too, for a total 12.4%), Medicare 1.45%, and 0.6% for SDI. These last two are assessed on all wages, as I understand it. So that takes the California tax burden over US$180,000 on US$500,000 in wage income — 36%. That fits what my friends working for overseas offices of California law firms are telling me. Are your friends all raking it in through capital gains or something?

    You haven’t heard me decrying 2MB for the tax increase largely because I am sheltered from it. But I do fear that a nationalist, class-envy driven political crew will see there are some points to be scored by kicking foreign exploiters, and taking away the flat tax rate. Similar impulses are coursing through the body politic in the reckless expansion of social programs, so I suspect the foreigner-kicking may be about to start.

  • jkitchstk

    Does the Korean Gov. really care about Human Trafficking
    It doesn’t sound like it…
    “Sydney councils requested to inform number of Korean prostitutes”
    They want Sydney to do Korea’s investigating and give them names…
    “The consul general said his government is concerned about the damage to its public image over the issue of prostitution, which is illegal in Korea.
    Korea has rejected suggestions any of its nationals working as sex slaves would be punished if they returned home.
    But a lawyer with the Anti-Slavery Project at the NSW University of Technology is concerned about the request.
    “If a Korean national engages in sex work outside Korea, then he or she is still liable for prosecution in Korea,” Jennifer Byrne said. “

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  • Arghaeri

    It was 30% waiver Brendan, and it was gone last year not only from this year.

  • Arghaeri

    DLB those progressive bands are on ‘taxable income’ not salaries. There is a general untaxed allowance to start, and then as Brendan alludes various ‘credits’ for costs such as life insurance, pension contributions, health insurance, school fees, charitable donations etc, so the taxable income will generally be much lower than actual income.

    However, against that the state employment, pension and health contributions are additional to income tax, and as Brendan alludes there is a 10% surcharge on top of the calculated tax due for local taxation.

    All in all, I don’t know how it compares to US taxes, but its not really that bad for the average taxpayer here. After all to get above that 26.4% band (in reality probably only around12% payable) you have to be in the top 5% earners in korea.

  • http://bcarr.com Brendon Carr

    After all to get above that 26.4% band (in reality probably only around12% payable) you have to be in the top 5% earners in korea.

    But once you are in that top 5%, as a wage earner, it rankles mightily to have some crook buy votes based on promises to confiscate more of your money. Lumping “millionaires and billionaires” together, as our friend Barry is wont to do, is especially irksome. Although they’ve lost touch with the number “billion” in Washington, a billion is 1000 millions.

    For the sake of argument, let’s say I make US$500,000 a year and have about a million in assets. Now I’m a “millionaire”. Lucky me. For me, then, the analogue would be for Barry to class me together with some peasant in rural China scraping together five hundred bucks a year! It’s complete sophistry.

    And note that Barry is actually talking about grabbing more cash from every American whose family income is greater than US$200,000. That pushes the notion of “millionaire” down quite a bit closer to “regular guy”.

    Let’s bring this back to the Republic of Korea. With the government trying to grab half of any income greater than W80,000,000 per year, which ain’t all that much when one considers hagwon fees, how are Korean families supposed to save for their home purchase?

  • YangachiBastardo

    One of the reasons why the West is going down:



    in the city of Milano there are 125k regular coke users (1 person out 10, including toddlers, nuns and 95 years olds).

    In the whole country, population is approx. 60 million people, there are 2 million people who do blow on a regular basis and other 700k who do it occasionally.

    5% of teens younger than 18 are addicted to cocaine (not occasional users)

    20% of professionals in some high risks groups (pilots, surgeons, even plumbers) do coke regularly.

    I don’t know the figures for other countries, i assume they’re pretty much the same.

    That’s another challenge Korea will have to face: keeping the country drug-free

  • http://bcarr.com Brendon Carr

    It’s interesting that the Korean police are so effective at drug control. I think this is a function of having such a long history of being a tool of political repression, seeing as how anti-drug policing is basically repression of personal desires.

    It can’t be good for Italy that so many people are using cocaine, though.

  • jk6411

    That’s another challenge Korea will have to face: keeping the country drug-free

    Hopefully, Korean churches and Buddhists will keep discouraging people from doing drugs.
    Religious people are less likely to do drugs.

    (Perhaps Europe should also get back to its Christian roots..?)