Korean saunas keep you sexy and rejuvenated

Korean saunas, at least in LA, are becoming popular with Americans.  And no wonder.  According to Dr. Grace Suh Coscia in the Huffington Post – Korean saunas will keep you lean, rejuenated and sexy.  But even the good doctor admits:

You may require several trips before you really start relaxing into a Korean Spa experience. Getting naked can initially be uncomfortable, but that’s what Korean spas are about. People here get naked and do their thing — it’s very natural.

Tell that to the American involved in the Busan spa incident.

  • CactusMcHarris

    Please tell me Dr. Suh – Coscia has an actual medical doctor’s degree and not something from a West Coast ‘Eastern Medicine’ diploma mill. And that last sentence is just pure money, but not in a denomination I recognize as Korean. More Italian sybarite, am I right, Yanagachi?

  • Creo69

    “Tell that to the American involved in the Busan spa incident.”

    You really want to bring that comment thread back to life? On the human sexuality front though I would like say farewell to “Prop 8.” It’s been nice to know you :)

  • Granfalloon

    Does the spa have to be Korean to impart health benefits? Because if not, then it seems like all this article is doing is plugging Korean-owned businesses.

  • R. Elgin

    After learning of how a friend has been forced to do sex work in a local, supposedly legitimate spa that teaches kids to swim and holds classes for pregnant mothers, I have no more respect or trust in any of these places.

  • Mryouknowwho

    Saunas are where I learned that you could use a blow dryer to speed dry your crotch after a bath.

  • engrishteacher

    Yeah… I don’t think that’s the kind of sexy you’d want, though. Eek!!