Time to kick the tires and light the fires—the JoongAng Ilbo has given us the green light to wack the Syrians:

Now the international community must persuade and pressure Russia and China to change their actions. If they persist in having their way, the rest of the world must come up with ways to force Assad to step down without the cooperation of Russia and China.

For example, the global community can give positive consideration to the idea of providing weapons to the Syrian rebels. Furthermore, the United States, the EU and Middle Eastern nations should push ahead with air raids on Syrian troops to disrupt their ruthless attacks on civilians, just as the NATO-led alliance did in Libya. Dictators’ atrocities must be stopped. The international community must stand up to a massive anti-humanitarian crime once again.

It’s almost bombs-away at the Kyunghyang, too.

Of course, what I’m NOT hearing is offers to contribute a fighter wing or two to help. Seeing how the “international community” has this great responsibility and all…