A 24-year-old Mongolian has been booked for calling police officers an obscenity.

It all started at a bar in Seoul at around 2 am Webnesday when the mouthy Mongol got into an argument. The bar owner told him to get out, but in vain. The argument got louder and the owner called the cops. Two officers arrived on the scene. When they tried to remove the Mongolian from the bar, he unleashed on them, calling them jjapsae (a derogatory slang term for the police) and another obscenity Ye Olde Chosun did not feel fit for print.

In response, one of the officers pressed charges against the Mongolian for contempt.

The Mongolian—a business administration student a private university in Seoul—claimed during question he thought jjapsae was a synonym for the police, and that he didn’t know the obscenity was an obscenity. He also claimed he was abused, saying police used a baton, stun gun and cuffs on him.

A police official, however, said the only thing police did was put him in cuffs and bring him to the station after he scuffled with them. He also said the Mongol’s claim that he didn’t know Korean was unpersuasive as he’s been in Korea five years.

Clearly, the official hasn’t hung out with a lot of white folk.