Mongolians are a linguistically talented people

A 24-year-old Mongolian has been booked for calling police officers an obscenity.

It all started at a bar in Seoul at around 2 am Webnesday when the mouthy Mongol got into an argument. The bar owner told him to get out, but in vain. The argument got louder and the owner called the cops. Two officers arrived on the scene. When they tried to remove the Mongolian from the bar, he unleashed on them, calling them jjapsae (a derogatory slang term for the police) and another obscenity Ye Olde Chosun did not feel fit for print.

In response, one of the officers pressed charges against the Mongolian for contempt.

The Mongolian—a business administration student a private university in Seoul—claimed during question he thought jjapsae was a synonym for the police, and that he didn’t know the obscenity was an obscenity. He also claimed he was abused, saying police used a baton, stun gun and cuffs on him.

A police official, however, said the only thing police did was put him in cuffs and bring him to the station after he scuffled with them. He also said the Mongol’s claim that he didn’t know Korean was unpersuasive as he’s been in Korea five years.

Clearly, the official hasn’t hung out with a lot of white folk.

  • dogbertt

    Well, some people were born and raised in the U.S., but their English ability is hardly pursuassive either.

  • red sparrow

    I cannot tell you how many times I have seen the police called to remove drunk, belligerent Koreans from bars owned by foreigners but then do nothing once they see it is a pale-face making the complaint. Just sayin’.

  • tatertot

    Does no one else think it’s bizarre that a police officer is suing a civilian for insulting him?

  • Arghaeri

    I cannot tell you either, but then thats cos I’ve never seen that happen.

  • Arghaeri


    Where does it say he’s suing the guy?

  • lngtimegne

    Hmm, I lived there 6 years and didn’t know jjapsae. But I do know gaesagea (phonetic) although I wouldn’t say it to a cop.

  • CactusMcHarris

    What sort of bird is he calling the cop, and is it related for the verb ‘to capture’?


    That’s a very lazy form of ‘son of a bitch’ – I would have expected better.

  • yuna

    I didn’t know there was an uncyclopedia Korean version.

    In Germany, it’s not OK to tell the police du instead of the polite Sie form. (like honorific 존대 Chondemal..Panmal) unless you are known to “du” everybody like Dieter Bohlen.,1518,399643,00.html
    In other words, if the Mongolian man had said 당신은 짭새이십니다 instead of 이 짭새야! he might have gotten away, in Germany. Equally, he might have also gotten away if he could convince the judge that he uses Panmal for everybody including his great great grandmother without paying the 500 euro fine.