Korean kids are under a lot of stress and most people who have lived in Korea for even a short time know just how demanding a Korean mother can be when it comes to grades.  Score a 96% and mom will ask why you weren’t able to do better.  Score 100% – mom will demand to know how many other students got a perfect score.  There never seems to be any way to please them.  I guess this student just couldn’t take it any more and stabbed her to death.  It is really sad because his grades were actually quite good.

According to police, Park kept telling her son that he must enter a top-class university and should rank first in nationwide exams. When he obtained lower scores than her expectations, she didn’t give him food or forced him to stay awake at night to study.

Being afraid of her scolding, Ji had fabricated grade reports since middle school. His fear grew as his test scores fell after entering high school.

“The student said his mother was supposed to visit his teacher, and he was afraid she might find out that he fabricated his nationwide test grade to 62nd from 4,000th and inflict severe corporal punishment on him,” a police officer said, adding 4,000th was still within the top 1 percent of all students.

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