On the game front: GTA V trailer, first impressions of Battlefield 3

– This. Looks. Awesome:

Nice to see GTA move back to San Andreas—GTA: San Andreas was the greatest game I’d ever played… before I played GTA IV.

– I’ve spent a couple of evenings with Battlefield 3, and my first impressions are a) the campaign was decent, but not great, and something of a let down after Battlefield: Bad Company 2; and b) it’s the best multiplayer experience ever.

  • Avaast

    One word: Skyrim

  • αβγδε

    GTA IV was a bit dry, for my tastes. I did like the expansion packs for GTA IV, however, especially the one involving the bike gangs. I like San Andreas better.

    I downloaded B3 and played it for an hour or two. Deleted it. Seemed very run of the mill, and boring. That’s how I roll. I did the same for Crysis 2.

    I am patiently waiting for MW3 and Need for Speed: The Run. I like racing games, and, as it so happens, I’ll be getting a pistol-style radio controller for an RC car kit that I recently purchased, and that I can use as a joystick for video games on my computer. Can’t wait to get it/use it.

    Best game I’ve played in a while is Portal 2. That’s a fun, well-scripted, well developed and produced game! And funny as hell too.

  • http://rjkoehler.com Robert Koehler

    Looking forward to MW3—Love the COW single player campaigns, and MW3’s campaign looks awesome. The thing is, though, that COW multiplayer consists almost solely of a bunch of guys running around shooting each other in the face. There’s no teamwork at all.

  • Ladron

    Skyrim and Saint’s Row 3 – both coming out in the next couple weeks.

  • http://coryinkorea.wordpress.com/ 코리아

    Disappointed that it’s not Tommy Vercetti since Vice City is my favorite, but suppose given age it wouldn’t have made much sense. I’ve been out of the GTAs for a long time, but Steam had a deal for every GTA for $12, so I jumped on that. Wound up costing a bit more though, as I had to get a new graphics card to play IV and above (obviously I’m not much of a gamer anymore)

  • http://vmphotography.com.au hoju_saram

    I downloaded B3 and played it for an hour or two. Deleted it. Seemed very run of the mill, and boring. That’s how I roll.

    What an awful way to roll. Did you even play the multi-player? I’m about to get B3, but I wouldn’t touch MW3 for quids. If I want to play with myself I’ll masturbate. (PS, Counter-Strike is still king).

  • http://vmphotography.com.au hoju_saram

    (Shame B3 isn’t available on Steam)

  • dww

    Definitely going to be a great year for games. I’m also VERY geeked about Skyrim. Oblivion was fantastic. Same for the new GTA. GTA 4 is easily one of the finest games ever made. 3 years later and I still play that. And I agree with Robert. The COD single player campaign story is great. Definitely excited to see how that turns out. Nerd rant over.

  • Jing

    Marmot, are you playing BF3 via Xbox live? If so does it allow matchmaking with PC players or does it not let you out of the gimp playpen riddled with annoying 15 year olds.

  • numberoneoppa

    True story: nothing beyond Starcraft 2 matters.

  • http://rjkoehler.com Robert Koehler

    As far as I know, Jing, you can play only against other Xbox players. The PC versions have much higher player limits.