These days news from Japan reads like news from Korea.

Hundreds of people took to the streets in an impromptu protest this time telling the South Korean actress Kim Taehee to go away because they think she is an anti-Japanese actress at heart. This is because she was seen handing out Dokdo related materials in Switzerland in 2005.

She was already asked this question by the Japanese press at the promotion of the upcoming release of a Japanese drama “99 Days with a Star” in which she plays, pretty much, herself, i.e. a South Korean Hallyu star in Japan who falls in love with a Japanese bodyguard (heck, the writers should really add the anti-Korean fans to the story).

She replied to the charge/question in fluent Japanese that she had visited Japan over 30 times and she likes Japanese books and films, that she hopes to play the role of “a peaceful go-between between the two countries”. Here we have pretty much the same story but with some pictures and links.

For those who don’t know who Kim Taehee is she is this lovely woman who is meant to be the “brainy” one (due to her Seoul National Uni degree), with the prettiest face (natural too!) amongst the Korean actresses. She starred in Korean dramas such as “Love Story at Harvard” and “Iris”. Her acting skills have always been a bit on the wanting side according to the drama watchers.