Good luck to this woman, a naturalized Korean from Uzbekistan who is taking a Busan sauna to the National Human Rights Commission for denying her entry.

If it wasn’t offensive enough to be banned from the sauna, the reasons stated by the sauna are even more offensive:

Ku visited a sauna in Busan at around 3 p.m. on Sept. 25. But the employee denied her entry, saying foreigners are prohibited.

She reported this immediately to the police.

“The sauna worker told police that foreigners are not allowed there because they may make the water dirty. He also said Koreans customers don’t like using the facility with foreigners because in the town there are many foreign women working at bars and there were rumors that some have AIDS,” she said.

The police weren’t particularly helpful, either, although to be fair, as far as I know, what they say about there being no law against businesses engaging in discrimination based on race is true, and as a matter of principle, I’m not really sure I’d want one. Anyway:

Police officers said there is no law to regulate such racist discrimination, advising her to go to another sauna, she said.