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A video is circulating on the Korean Internet of a black gentleman yelling at and threatening an elderly Korean couple.

His violent behavior was the result of him misunderstanding the elderly man’s comment to him. The elderly man reportedly said  “니가 여기 앉아” (a sign of consideration) but not knowing Korean, the man in question interpreted “니가” as the N-word which led to his violent outburst.

*The video in question is at the bottom of this article. Apparently our culprit learned “개새끼야” but couldn’t be bothered to learn simple pronouns. Definitely North American, but if his hair is any indication he’s definitely not a soldier.

부모님은 참 자랑스러워 하시겠다.

UPDATE (by Robert Koehler): The IBT speculates as to the initial cause of the brouhaha. One netizen who quotes somebody who witnessed the disturbance said the foreigner was on the bus talking with his girlfriend loudly. The old man told him to be quiet, the foreigner didn’t listen, so the old man told him to shut up, and the foreigner responded by saying he knew how to curse in Korean, too.

I have no idea if that’s true, but the scenario is plausible enough, and serves as an opportunity for the second piece of unsolicited advice we at the Marmot’s Hole will proffer today — in addition to learning a bit of Korean, please, for the love of Christ, keep your voices down when speaking English on buses and subways. You might not notice, but your voices carry, and it can be seriously irritating.

And the “Racially Inflammatory Media Quote of the Day” Award goes to New Daily, which quotes one Itaewon resident as saying, “This incident is hardly anything compared to what Itaewon is normally like… In fact, there are a lot of African blacks who disrespect the Korean police and residents in Itaewon.”

UPDATE 2: The Kyunghyang has a bit more detail. The foreigner in question is 24 years old, an American, and an English teacher. The victim was 61. This went down around 11:10pm Saturday on the bus from Moran Station to Bundang. One of the bus passengers called 112 (Five-Oh), and the bus driver stopped the bus in front of a nearby police station, where the foreigner was arrested. After completing their preliminary investigation, the police let the alleged ruffian go, but plan to call him in again tomorrow for further investigation.

Hopefully, he hasn’t pulled a runner already.