Foreigners have apparently been having a tough time behaving at the beach recently.

Last week, the Asia Gyeongje reported that police arrested on Aug 2 two Indians for allegedly touching the gochu of a six-year old boy in a shower stall near Daecheon Beach’s Mud Plaza.

The alleged perps did this after the parents momentarily left the scene. After the incident, the boy told his parents, who alerted the police.

According to the Daejeon Ilbo, the suspects told police that this was how people greeted each other in India.

A Taean Maritime Police official told the Asia Gyeongje that with a string of crimes by foreigners at the beach this season, people needed to take care. He also reminded people that in an emergency, they should call the maritime cops at 122.

He wasn’t joking about the string of crimes by foreigners at the beach, by the way.

In a piece appropriately headlined “해수욕장 외국인 ‘왜 이러나’,” the Daejeon Ilbo notes that prior to the Indians’ arrest, police arrested on July 29 a Thai (30) for using a camcorder to film ladies — well, particular parts of ladies — at Mallipo Beach. According to the cops, despite being told not to film by people around him, he instead approached women and continued filming before someone called the cops.

And that wasn’t all. During the Boryeong Mud Festival — famous, of course, for providing wonderful photos of mud-covered, big-boobied white chicks (some showing more than others, apparently) — there were a number of arrests. On July 24, a Mrs. J (36), the wife of a US soldier, alledgedly assaulted two young Korean women. According to police, J was sitting at the side of the road drunk when a passing Korean woman in her 20s asked if she was OK. J allegedly responded by kicking her in the thigh. She also grabbed the hair of another woman, in her 30s, before police arrived.

J was booked for causing bodily injury.

On July 16, a US soldier identified as Cpl. D (20) drunkenly damaged a car parked near Daecheon Beach. He was booked and turned over to USFK.

Also on that day, an English teacher at an elementary school in Uijeongbu visiting Daecheon Beach for the Mud Festival, identified as Mr P (24), drunkenly ran amok in a nearby restaurant, throwing around a beer crate and some flower pots. When the owner of the establishment protested, P threw a brick at him and ran off. Or so the article says.

You’ll also recall that at the beginning of the month, four foreigners were arrested for molesting female bathers at Haeundae Beach.