Some random articles from this morning’s news:

  • Apparently Kim Jong-il’s sister, Kim Kyong-hui, has taken ill and has been noticeably absent at recent party functions. The article claims that she is both an alcoholic and prone to bouts of depression and that her absence is not likely to be a result of internal power struggles.
  • The number of women preparing for the Korean civil service exam (goshi) now exceeds the number of men. However, an overall trend indicates that the percentage of individuals preparing for such tests has decreased overall.
  • Apparently one father in Cheongju (isn’t that the same place where the teenager slept with the corpse of that grandmother?) was arrested for attempting to sexually assault and rape women wearing short skirts on the street at night. Apparently he would tell his wife he had to go work early at around 3 or 4 AM and then sneak out to assault women wearing short skirts. Because of this lie his family was completely unaware of his double life. He is suspected of having committed at least 8 assaults since February. His justification to police was, “When I see women in short skirts I just can’t help myself.”
  • Apparently singer Lee Kwang Pil offered some summer clothes to a grandma wearing a trench-coat at a McDonald’s in Seoul. She thanked him by beating him with her umbrella and then stabbing him in the eye. Some quick research by the paper revealed that the woman in question was an attractive young woman who graduated from a prestigious Korean university and worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I find myself suspicious of Lee’s motives for offering the clothes and releasing this story to the press. I’m not sure what good comes from it other than to promote himself as a philanthropist and victim.

Update on a couple more articles of interest: