Mixed Bag (08/01/11)

Some random articles from this morning’s news:

  • Apparently Kim Jong-il’s sister, Kim Kyong-hui, has taken ill and has been noticeably absent at recent party functions. The article claims that she is both an alcoholic and prone to bouts of depression and that her absence is not likely to be a result of internal power struggles.
  • The number of women preparing for the Korean civil service exam (goshi) now exceeds the number of men. However, an overall trend indicates that the percentage of individuals preparing for such tests has decreased overall.
  • Apparently one father in Cheongju (isn’t that the same place where the teenager slept with the corpse of that grandmother?) was arrested for attempting to sexually assault and rape women wearing short skirts on the street at night. Apparently he would tell his wife he had to go work early at around 3 or 4 AM and then sneak out to assault women wearing short skirts. Because of this lie his family was completely unaware of his double life. He is suspected of having committed at least 8 assaults since February. His justification to police was, “When I see women in short skirts I just can’t help myself.”
  • Apparently singer Lee Kwang Pil offered some summer clothes to a grandma wearing a trench-coat at a McDonald’s in Seoul. She thanked him by beating him with her umbrella and then stabbing him in the eye. Some quick research by the paper revealed that the woman in question was an attractive young woman who graduated from a prestigious Korean university and worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I find myself suspicious of Lee’s motives for offering the clothes and releasing this story to the press. I’m not sure what good comes from it other than to promote himself as a philanthropist and victim.

Update on a couple more articles of interest:

  • milton

    I’m surprised the growing investigation into the 왕재산 affair didn’t make today’s Mixed Bag. The investigation has now grown beyond suspected fifth-columnist activities in the Korea Higher Education Research, and has now spread (completely unsurprisingly) to the “Democratic” Labor Party, and other regressive progressive officials including an aide to a former DP National Assembly speaker:

    According to the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office, a 48-year-old IT businessman, only identified as Kim, was arrested on charges of organizing an antistate group and carrying out espionage operations.

    Among the four others arrested include a former aide to former National Assembly Speaker Lim Chae-jung of the Democratic Party. The prosecutors said Lim is not involved.

    Authorities are also investigating about 40 others including scholars and incumbent officials of the Democratic [sic!] Labor Party.


  • Q

    Thanks for the collection of scumbag stories except the 고시 news.

    Just found out that The McDonald halmoney (Ms. Gwon) was interviewed
    about the incident. She said that Mr. Lee forced her to take the clothes she didn’t want to. When Mr. Lee tried to grab her wrist, she was so scared that she hit him with the umbreall to protect herself.

  • 조엘


    Collection of scumbag stories? News about one of North Korea’s leaders becoming sick? Social statistics on goshi? And a story about an incident between a homeless person and would-be do-gooder? I’m not sure how one article makes a collection, but you are entitled to your opinion.

    Sexual assault is a serious issue in Korea and, scum-baggy or not, deserves attention. Because the problem won’t be rectified by ignoring it.

  • gbnhj

    His justification to police was, “When I see women in short skirts I just can’t help myself.”

    Wow – how self-deluded. Shouldn’t that really be “When I see women in short skirts whenever I wake up early and leave the house at 3AM specifically to rape women I just can’t help myself”?

  • Q

    The sick NK leader, the homeless, sexual assault sound scummy stories.

    Sexual assault is a serious issue in Korea

    I agree. Thanks for bringin that up. Ladies may need taser guns whenever walking on the street at night. BTW, it is kinda strange the girls wearing short skirts walking on the dark streets around at 3 AM. “Slut Walk” movement at night?

  • Seth Gecko

    Not to blame the alleged victims, but they may want to rethink walking the streets alone at 3-4am whilst wearing short skirts.

  • Q

    Hey, 조엘, Rejoice. Here is a great news for the people worried about sexual assault in Korea. Korean government officially introduced “chemical castration” of pedophiles. I guess it’s time for the Slut Walkers to demand Korean governm’t to expand the “chemical castration” to any sexual criminals. 오~ 예~!

  • http://www.chiamattt.com chiamattt

    They should be able to wear whatever they want. Instead, they should perhaps start taking classes to learn how to beat the living fuck out of people who “just can’t help themselves”.

  • 조엘

    The victims are likely prostitutes or bar tenders who seem to be the victims of a lot of misplaced rage from men who are both sexually and financially frustrated.

  • 조엘

    Q – I actually read that during lunch. I don’t know if it will ever become a reality. I also read that SNU has cloned a glow in the dark dog at lunch:


  • Q

    The victims are likely prostitutes or bar tenders

    I really feel sorry for them. Yeah, I admit it is in part male dominant Korean cultural problem. Seriously, Korean males should stop watching Japanese 야한 영화 and 만화. Just wish Korean govern’t more widely enact the chemical 궁형(宮刑)’s to the sex offenders. 고얀놈들!

  • SomeguyinKorea

    The McDonald Grandma, if it’s the same lady I’m thinking of, became somewhat of a minor celebrity in recent years because of the life she’s led. I wonder why he went looking for her in the first place.

  • http://populargusts.blogspot.com/ bulgasari

    The story of the rapist vaguely reminded me of this case from a month ago:

    Except that the serial rapist in that case was described as a ‘loving dad’:
    Woo graduated from a junior college and majored in hotel management and culinary art to become a professional cook. Woo has two daughters. Woo’s family never suspected their earnest breadwinner to be a brutal rapist because Woo pretended to be a good father and a husband, according to the police. Woo has been working hard as a cook at a Japanese restaurant in Itaewon, Seoul.

    “It was very hard to arrest him because he is not the type who commits such a terrible crime” said an official of the Dongjak police station, “He was playing with his daughters at home and looked happy when we arrested him.”

  • Fullslab

    Korea/EU FTA, my cable company(C&M) CEO must be a member of a leftist party? They quit providing the BBC channel about 2-3 weeks ago.

  • milton

    I also read that SNU has cloned a glow in the dark dog at lunch

    The real genius of those SNU scientists is how they managed to compress a process that normally takes several months—into a single lunch period. 😉

  • milton

    There’s a really interesting article over at Discover Magazine’s The Intersection Blog on the subject of Tablo (the Epik High rapper) and motivated reasoning. Motivated reasoning is the miraculous process by which evidence that blows your pet theory out of the water is twisted, contorted, and reasoned away so that it ironically ends up confirming whatever brand of quackery/conspiracy/pseudoscience you believe in.

    As you know, Tablo pretty much disproved the nuts who doubted that he was a Stanford grad, yet the nuts still continue to hound him. Motivated reasoning explains why this occurs and why people generally refuse to back down from closely-held beliefs.


    Also see here:


  • H.Schmidt

    When I was in Korea during 2009… damn those women were hot. I’m not joking, sometimes I think Korean women are hotter than European women… but of course you get those ones who are just down right annoying.

  • cm

    An excellent article on how brand name goods are not really what they really claim they are.

    They are either made in China or made by Chinese migrant workers working in deplorable conditions. They’re making a killing with goods that cost a tiny fraction of what it really costs to make.


  • http://www.xanga.com/wangkon936 WangKon936

    “The Korea-EU FTA has now been effect for a month and the initial results are tilted in favor of the EU.”

    Cheese, bread and wine have a shorter sales cycle than cars, cell phones and LCD television screens… Expect the “tilt” to balance out over time.

  • http://www.konnectmagazine.com Moses – the bulgogi monster

    Wow, I gotta say that those are some scary stories. Thanks Richard for taking the time to present these to us. Odd stories for sure, however.

  • Railwaycharm

    “chemical castration” Should be administered in the USA as we have no shortage of sex offenders.

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