Trick to Winning Crane Games

From here and here:

A 10-year-old elementary school student inserted 1,000 KRW into a crane game, but when he failed to get the merchandise he wanted he climbed in through the hole to get it himself.

Unfortunately for him, however, he wasn’t able to get out with similar ease. Luckily the fire department showed up and got him out 20 minutes later.

Apparently the secret to winning crane games was hiring an elementary school student to climb inside and give me all of the goods. I only wish there was video.

  • marcel joseph

    had me giggling like a little girl for 3 minutes.

  • Keyser Soze

    When I first read “Crane” in the title, some recently read stories concerning their used by China’s-best-butt-buddy-in-the-world, Iran came to mind.

    I won’t link them, and I don’t recommend googling them unless you are prepared for shock and dismay.

  • fanwarrior

    There is a video, it was just on the news, the kid is blurred out of course and the firemen are cutting away at the machine

  • F5Waeg

    youtube kid stuck in crane game and waste an hour

  • Cheoto カンチョ

    Kids do this all over the world every week –

    I just thought the 10y.o. Korean boy must be a very small grade 3/4 kid.