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Nude artist Miru Kim denied reports that she had been arrested while doing a nude photo-shoot in Istanbul.

According to the Turkish daily newspaper Hurriyet, Korean-American Miru Kim was apprehended by police after a citizen reported her for taking nude photographs in an Islamic mosque. However, Miru Kim announced on her Facebook page that she had never been arrested in Istanbul nor had she ever been to the top of any mosque.

Miru Kim is the daughter of former Korea University professor of philosophy Yong-ok Kim.  She has been creating nude photographic and video works of art since 2004. She has stated that she started creating these works as a way to overcome the terror associated with OCD that she has felt from a very young age.

She does most of her works amid ruins in major cities and has received acclaim for her works as it represents the tenacity of life within ruin.

The article itself is perhaps not very news-worthy, but I had never heard of Miru Kim nor the concept of a nude artist before I read the article. I would be interested to see (and link to) some of her works, but they’re undoubtedly NSFW. Feel free to do so in the comments.