Since last year, I started unplugging appliances and have noticed a drop in my electricity bill and, according to the NY Times, the biggest wastes of power in the home (U.S.) is the digital receiver on top of our TV sets.

One high-definition DVR and one high-definition cable box use an average of 446 kilowatt hours a year, about 10 percent more than a 21-cubic-foot energy-efficient refrigerator, a recent study found . . . Cable providers and box manufacturers like Cisco Systems, Samsung and Motorola currently do not feel consumer pressure to improve box
efficiency. Customers are generally unaware of the problem — they do not know to blame the unobtrusive little device for the rise in their electricity bills, and do not choose their boxes anyway.

I guess this explains why my bills dropped so much.  I wonder if someone at the JoongAng Ilbo has thought of this problem since they seem to be concerned with cooling those new glass buildings in Seoul and a potential “energy crisis”. Maybe someone should start a home campaign in South Korea to unplug more TV boxes.

Energy Consumption in the Average Household (U.S.) from NY Times