Just a social note for all of us current and former expats: the guy who is, as far as I know, the “senior” among all western expats in Korea, just turned 80 years old — a month after being honored with a prestigious national medal for his lifelong service to Korean music and dance.

Also one of my mentors and a decades-long friend. No non-Korean has ever known more about, or done as much of and for, Korean Shamanism and all its related art-forms. A varied bunch of his associates held a dinner-party at his house, hosted by his kind wife and daughter, and we were quite pleased to be able to honor him fittingly, in his sunset era.

Retired long ago as professor, still active in translating texts — the sort that few others could tackle.   He is now working on his autobiography, with assistance by members of the National Folklore Museum; should be a hellova good read when it comes out.

Some photos of the party are here on my site.