Not that I feel terribly bad for a bunch of Somali pirates, who should probably count themselves lucky they were hung from the radar mast of the ROKS Choi Young, but just out of curiosity, why are the faces of the cops in this photo pixelated but the faces of the accused aren’t?

As expected, the trial is running into linguistic difficulties:

The first session included identification of the defendants, which took 14 minutes longer than the usual two because of three-way interpretation from Korean to English to Somali and back again. Legal analysts say the language barrier could be a stumbling block for both prosecutors and the Somalis’ four-member defense team.

None of this would have been a problem if they’d just hung ’em at sea. As Fulbright scholar Dolph Lundgren said in “The Expendables,” “It’s good to hang pirates.”

Oh, and props to this guy:

“I came here to see what pirates look like and talk about them with my friends later,” said Jeong Yun-jin, a 75-year-old Busan citizen, who was in the courtroom. “It [piracy] is not something we are supposed to do as human beings. They should make a living from their labor.”