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    What? No real time news about the 송지선 suicide? I think you should add me as a contributing writer.

  • numberoneoppa

    ^Seriously, I cannot fathom why Korean celebrities take their own lives over such trivial matters. It really pisses me off. She was so pretty. ㅠㅠ

  • numberoneoppa

    Robert, I’ve tried out various flavours of linux including Ubuntu and OpenSuse but I always find myself back on Windows 7 for my personal computing needs.

  • mateomiguel

    I use ubuntu and I really like the new Unity desktop.

  • mateomiguel

    As for reason you should like it, I guess because it gives you more screen real estate? I have also always wanted to have my program icons on the left and unity is the first interface to pull that off elegantly, nut that’s a personal thing.

  • Dan

    I like the Unity interface, although it does need a bunch of work. It’s fine for now; I’m guessing in 11.10 it’ll be much better (and by 12.04, the next LTS, it’ll be really good).

  • http://www.bcarr.com Brendon Carr

    What’s not to like about the new Ubuntu Unity desktop? It looks like a straight-up ripoff of Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, with some tweaks to color. Since I love my Mac, I’d find Unity more comfortable than any other Linux desktop. But here’s the rub: It doesn’t run Mac OS X applications, and the software available for a platform is more important than whatever base desktop comes with it.

  • mateomiguel

    The difference between Mac OS X and Ubuntu is that one is seriously overpriced and creates a religious experience in its users, while the other is sensible and free.


  • http://www.biblegateway.com setnaffa

    I like 11.04, have it loaded as a VM under Workstation on my laptop along with Zentayl 2.0, Mint 10, Mepis 11, and soon to be a couple more to use as training and demos…

  • http://vmphotography.com.au hoju_saram

    The difference between Mac OS X and Ubuntu is that one is seriously overpriced and creates a religious experience in its users, while the other is sensible and free.

    Sounds like the difference between Macs and PCs. I just bought a quad core laptop with a gig of dedicated RAM and windows 7 for $800. A Mac with a comparable engine would have cost me double, at least.

    I want to like Apple, I really do, but until they let you use the overpriced apps, OS software and hardware the way you want, without restrictions (iTunes anyone? a USB port on the iPad somebody?) I’ll be sticking to my trusty PC, thanks.

  • keith

    ^ iTunes is reason enough to dislike Apple. A good dual boot PC is far better value for money. My only Apple purchase has been an iTouch, to be honest I now see it as a bit of a waste of money. I get the impression that some Apple users have convinced themselves that as they have a fancy box that they paid a lot of money for they have to justify their purchase to all around them.

    I could afford to buy an Apple tomorrow, I’d rather save the money.

  • iMe

    ubuntu? mac?
    i thought everyone was using windows XP?
    activeX control, anyone?

  • http://rjkoehler.com Robert Koehler
  • http://ulsanonline.com martypants

    Been a linux user for year, mostly Fedora, but I started using Ubuntu when 10.10 came out. When 11.045 came out with Unity that lasted just a few minutes and I shut unity off forever. What a POS. I still have to have a dual boot for those times when I need to get on a frickin Korean website that requires IE.

    I had a fun time when the QOOK guy came to install my internet this year. I pretended I didn’t know what he wanted with his “xp xp xp” chatter and watched him fumble around trying to get something to work. Amazing they can’t install their crap without IE. I let him dork with it for about 10 minutes and he started sweating. then I let him off the hook and rebooted into windoze.

    And Mateomicheal, you can put you icons on any edge you want – even with windows xp or any flavor of linux

  • md111980

    as long as the “file manager” (aka a normal nautilus window) is easily accessible from the unity side-bar, i don’t mind. at first i hated unity, but with each update to it (im running the unity 2d version on my netbook) it seems to improve. i’ve grown used to hitting the windows/”super” key and just typing what app i want, so i don’t often bother clicking through unity to get to it.

    I wonder… does anyone have any helpful tips/suggestions for using ubuntu/linux in korea? i find that chrome tends to handle most korean sites, especially those that use weird java, better than firefox. and thankfully thinkfree let’s me painlessly convert .hwp files over. that was a real life-saver, as no other feature seems to convert them quite right, especially if images are involved.

  • http://nathanbauman.com/odysseus NathanB

    Robert, I’m not a Linux user–yet–but this Zdnet article may be of interest if you haven’t seen it already.