In the Korea Times, we have this bewildering piece about how the sexual “rights” of the disabled are being ignored.

Look, I’m all in favor of legalized prostitution, but sex as a social welfare service for the sexually undesirable? Are you freakin’ serious?

Nearly 2.42 million people are registered as disabled as of June 2009, with 95 percent of them disabled due to disease or accident, according to state statistics.

With no efficient measures to counter the discrimination and bias, “sex volunteers” have emerged as a possible solution.

As the name implies, sex volunteers refer to a group of healthy people who are willing to sleep with disabled people as part of social welfare program. Other services offered in the program include helping masturbation and an affair between a disabled man and woman. The direct sex service is not punishable here, law experts said, as long as the service is offered for free.

Fortunately, it seems the government has little interest in this idea.