I’ve spent the last couple of days with a copy of the newly released Crysis 2 for Xbox360.

Haven’t tried the multiplayer yet, and don’t think I will — I get my multiplayer kicks with Battlefield: Bad Company 2 — but as a single player experience, it’s the most awesome first-person shooter I’ve ever played.

Sure, killing baddies and blowing shit up is fun, but it’s the stunning visuals of an apocalyptic New York City that really make Crysis 2 special. Adding to the awe-inspiring — but sometimes truly nightmarish — atmosphere is a musical score put together in part by composer Hans Zimmer, who also worked on the scores of “Inception” and “The Dark Knight.”

I you enjoy first-person shooters, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy today.

And speaking of first-person shooters, somebody shot me a link to this post at Sociological Images that features a map (taken from here) of “video game villains” that have appeared in first-person shooters released since 2000.

Now, as somebody whose general rule with shooters is that I play them only if the featured enemies are a) human (Crysis 2 being a notable exception, obviously), and b) from a country I don’t like, I was intrigued. The map isn’t perfect, though — as some commenters point out, some of the “nations that have been threatening us” in the map were not actually depicted as hostile nations in the games cited, and a number of games and/or enemies seem to have been left out.