No ‘Homefront’ in Korea

OK, so I went to Yongsan yesterday looking for “Homefront” for the Xbox360.

Nope, it wasn’t in. And even worse, vendors hadn’t heard of plans to release an official version for the Korean Xbox, despite a good many requests for the game.

So I looked at the news, and Yonhap confirms my worst fears: Michael Smith, a spokesman for game producer THQ, told RFA they will not release the game in Korea.


ZDnet Korea reports P2P sites are sharing the game, despite efforts by the Game Rating Board to block it.

This officially sucks.

Here’s the release trailer, BTW — it almost hurts to post it now:

Like the Jefferson Airplane….

  • chrisinsouthkorea

    You mean you have enough time on your hands to play a MMORPG? Your boss just called, said he wanted to know about that TPS report…

    Seriously, though, the decision makes sense – why anger a population who’ll probably pirate it anyway? The only question is whether the game is worth finding, downloading, installing using all the tricks you have to use to make it work, and actually playing.

  • Robert Koehler

    I usually go by what IGN tells me, and IGN seems to think it’s OK:

  • stafford

    No great loss. I spent 60 bucks to get it from

    The single player campaign is weak and clocks in at about 4 hours while the multiplayer is broken because it is a snipers wet dream. Lots of wide open spaces.

    The graphics are pretty poor with the texture of everythin g but the three characters you follow more akin to halflife than a modern console.

    And then there’s the plot! Such a. Good premise spoiled by being on rails. Plus the cut scenes obscured by a giant “press ㅇ to skip”

    Such potential – such a waste of 60 bucks!

  • Robert Koehler

    Are you using a console or a PC? I play on a Korean Xbox360, so if a 정품 product doesn’t get released, I can’t play it.

    At least I can take comfort in the fact that Battlefield 3 is coming:

  • baekgom84

    I was also looking forward to this but I hear the single-player campaign is woefully short (even for an FPS) and I generally don’t pay much attention to multiplayer in games. At $60, it’s simply not worth it.

  • uno

    Metacritic score of 72 (out of 100) and IGN score of 7 (out of 10). IGN said the single-player campaign is “inexcusably short” and it “looks like a game that’s several years old”. The multiplayer aspect is said to be ok, but I personally dislike the multiplayer online community. Instead of shelling out $60 plus dollars, it’s probably better to just wait a bit and buy it from a bargain bin. It does look like a cool story though.

  • Seth Gecko

    I’ve been looking forward to this game ever since Robert first posted the trailer last year. I just found out today, though, that it was supposed to be Chinese troops, not Norks, that attack US.

    ““Red Dawn” is not the only piece of entertainment to swap out Chinese villains for North Koreans recently. The video game “Homefront,” which was released this week and features a script by John Milius, writer of the original “Red Dawn,” was also originally intended to feature a Chinese invasion. For business reasons, publisher THQ changed the occupying forces to North Korea.”

  • keith

    You can buy it in Korea from, it sounds like a bit of a waste of money as it is so short, and I also don’t bother with playing online. I’ve just started Fallout: Las Vegas and it’s massive, with loads of missions. very good value for money I prefer those kind of games anyway.

  • bibimbong

    “Michael Smith, a spokesman for game producer THQ, told RFA they will not release the game in Korea.

    And by “they” you mean there’s no way in hell the ROK would ever officially approve a game that shows the reunification of the peninsula at the hands of the north and let kids play kill the yankee under the command of the little general, right? even Japan cut out the KJI funeral part.

    A little fast and loose with the translation of Smith’s quote “won’t be sold in South Korea.” (“……….한국에서는 판매하지 않는다.”)

  • stafford

    Just to clarify I am on PS3 so got the ASIA version of the game (even though there is no region protection. For some reason the US version was 79,000won vs my 60,000won. I don’t get that!?)
    Companies are now including codes in multiplayer games that only work once meaning if you sell the game second hand the next owner can’t play online without purchasing a new code.
    So After completing the single player today I go to enter the code to start playing multiplayer and I get:

    This code has already been used.

    WTF! Gyped! So that’s strike 2 – I an’t never gonna buy a THQ / KAOS game again.

  • seouldout

    Bridge. 6 NT redoubled is much more exciting. Same can be said for 2 NT too. Have often played for 12 – 16 hours that seemed to fly by in an hour or two. “Ok, this is the last rubber,” declared again and again.

  • Yeongung

    I dunno. I was kind of expecting this. Then again, I know nothing about console gaming here in Korea.

    Congrats on being the first place I’ve heard of BF3 (perhaps I’ve been living under a rock?) But, besides the website hyping up it’s Frostbite (TM!!!) physics, what’s it really going to have that hasn’t been done a bunch already? I’m an FPS player, but I’ve just been bored with FPS’s lately…

  • Cheoto カンチョ

    If I purchase Homefront from – which country is it being sent from?

    will it arrive at my residence in Seoul without being stopped by customs?

    I really want it (for the PC)

  • keith

    I was going to buy it from play asia, but decided not to. It’s a rip off if they’re to charge that much for a game you can easily finish in 4 hours.

    If you do decide to buy the game for an xbox360 I don’t know where it will come from. A friend of mine did buy it and there were no issues, she had the game withing two days of placing the order. A Japan game has the same regional coding as a Korean game on an Xbox. I looked at the play-asia site earlier and they gave the price in USD and Korean Won so I assume they do send it here with little problems.

  • keith

    PS. If you want it for the PC, you can probably just download it like all the Koreans will be doing anyway! Personally I don’t play games on my PC anymore, I prefer to play them on my Xbox.

  • Avaast

    I have been ordering from Play-Asia several times a year since 2007 – although the prices are a bit inflated, they have all the English/NA region-locked (if applicable to your system) games, and I have not once been disappointed by them. They ship out of Hong Kong, FYI. I haven’t had anything from them stopped by customs yet, but I suppose it’s only a matter of time (like my Amazon book shipments)!

  • tinyflowers

    Save yourself 60 bucks and just watch this video:

    That’s pretty much the whole game. All four hours of it.

  • Koreansentry

    Order it online.

  • bumfromkorea

    Friend got it for birthday, got to play it a little (while getting “Oh, shit, was that your cousin? Was that your uncle?” joke the whole time :D)… and I gotta say I was impressed by the story (not the back story. It’s just utterly stupid to think that after a peaceful unification, South Koreans will go “Well, why don’t we give Kim Jong-Un a try?” even in 2007 when this scenario was supposedly written… and that Japan will go “Oh, you blew up one of our nuclear power plants. I guess we’ll let you take over the whole fucking country now.”) but not at all impressed with the game overall. We took turns playing the game (and ‘we’ includes that friend’s 58 year old dad whose gaming experience pretty much amounts to an occasional go at Wii Tennis) and finished the game in 3.5~4 hours.

    Oh, and it doesn’t have splitscreens.

    Definitely play it in the future, but definitely NOT worth $59.99.

  • Robert Koehler

    And by “they” you mean there’s no way in hell the ROK would ever officially approve a game that shows the reunification of the peninsula at the hands of the north and let kids play kill the yankee under the command of the little general, right?

    Well, that’s hard to conclusively, as the Game Rating Board says it never even got an application for a rating:

    Obviously, Valve seems to be saying something else. Who knows…

  • bibimbong

    Yeah, suppose it’s conceivable that Kaos decided they didn’t want to sell their product in one of the biggest video game markets in the world and just didn’t send in the paper work ㅋㅋㅋ while in japan they went to the effort of totally editing out sections to make it acceptable

    The Hollywood Reporter writes “The game has already been banned in South Korea.” The article has a great interview with Tae Kim former CIA officier who helped create the game. How cool is that?

    “We created this world in which Kim Jong II dies and his son, Jong Un, unites North and South Korea, taking control of its economy, military personnel and hardware,” said Kim. Yeah, the game rating board would’ve approved that ㅋㅋ

    The rest of the interview is pretty cool